What is Drone U? The Ultimate Drone Flight School for Photography, Videography & Drone Mapping

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Why is drone education so expensive? Shouldn’t your education be affordable and give you a leg up in the world? Shouldn’t a drone flight school give you the tools, network, and community to push you forward and help push you to follow through?

At Drone U, we believe that drone education should be affordable and accessible whenever you want it. That’s why we started Drone U. We genuinely enjoy providing the best training possible in order to help you reach for your dreams!

With almost 30 online courses, you can get a leg up with continuing education for one low monthly price. Some of our courses include:

– Part 107 Commercial Drone Certification with online quizzes and tests
– Don’t Crash Course for new pilots so they can avoid the most common causes of crashes
– Aerial Photography with award-winning photographer Vic Moss
– Advanced Aerial Cinematography
– Drone Mapping & Modeling
– Drone Subject Tracking
– Light Painting with Drones
– Processing Aerial Imagery for Photogrammtry

This is to name a few. So come check us out today by joining our awesome private community.

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Xiaomi Fimi A3 GPS Gimbal FPV Camera Drone Flight Test Review

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This is one of the better FPV camera drones in the under $300 price range. Very good stabilized video along with excellent flight range provides for very enjoyable and interesting flights. Find it here This is a QC101 keeper. It’s perfect for doing FPV exploring with my goggles.

– Highly accurate GPS/GLONASS system provides very stable hover. Automatic return to home and landing on command or on loss of signal from the controller.
– 1080p 30/25fps full HD camera records directly to microSD card.
– Two axis stabilized mechanical gimbal with three axis electronic image stabilization provides for very stable video.
– 5.8 Ghz analog FPV. Does NOT use or require a phone or WiFi. FPV viewing monitor is installed directly into the controller. Can also use 5.87Ghz anaol FPV racing goggles to receive FPV. A second separate DVR is built into the controller to also record FPV video to a microSD card.
– Advanced flight modes of follow me, orbit, dronie, and fixed wing.
– There is a second very accurate GPS system in the controller. This enables very accurate stabilized follow me capability. One of the better (if not best) follow me drones in this price range.
– 3S 2000mah LiHV battery provides extended flight times (I got close to 15 minutes using the provided LiPo charger).
– Available do it yourself port and controls enables you to attach optional remote controlled features to the drone (servo for parachutes, separate camera, fireworks launcher, etc…)

– 1080p camera. If you’ve been spoiled with 4K, you’ll definitely notice the difference in image quality.
– Does not return to home on low battery. Instead the drone will land directly under it’s position at low battery. As battery voltage decreases, make sure to bring the drone in close to you.
– I did not get anywhere close to the advertised 25 minutes of flight time (only got about 15 minutes). The LiHV battery can not be charged to its full voltage of 12.75 volts with the provided 12.6V max charge LiPo charger. This is safe and healthy for the longevity of the battery, but will not provide the full potential of possible flight time from this battery.
– The 5 position switch can be cumbersome to access the numerous features and parameters of the drone.
– The controller’s DVR kept stopping recording of FPV video.
– I think that the controller low voltage warning at the end of the flight is a bug in the controller’s software. I think that the controller instead meant to alert that the drone was low battery (instead of the controller). The controller still had plenty of voltage left (was showing almost full). But the drone was definitely depleted at that time.

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7 Secrets to CRUSH Drone Photography Today!

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Drone photography secrets, how to take the best drone photos. Today I’m sharing drone photography tips, how to get the best out of your drone camera for amazing drone footages and drone photos. Discover those 7 drone tips for great aerial photography not only with the the DJI mavic 2 pro photography but any other drone.
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Sabse Sasta Drone Camera Drone Camera In Cheap Price Only 3000rs

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SJRC S20W GPS FPV Follow Me Camera Drone Flight Test Review

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This GPS FPV camera drone is great for safely exploring your neighborhood or park from the air. If it gets lost(loses transmission) or runs low on battery, it will automatically find its way home and land. Find it here

– Good beginner’s GPS FPV explorer drone.
– GPS/GLONASS system rapidly locks on, and provides good position accuracy.
– Available with 720p or 1080p HD cameras. Video is recorded directly to microSD card to avoid WiFi lag.
– Camera lens can be remotely pointed up or down.
– Video can be viewed in realtime on your smartphone via its SJ-GPS app, available on Google Play here and iTunes here App also includes telemetry info of drone’s range, altitude, and remaining battery power.
– Safety electronic geofence prevents exceeding 100 meters altitude and 400 meters horizontal distance from takeoff point.
– Return to home and landing at takeoff point on command, and automatically on lost signal, or low battery.
– 3.7V 1000mah battery provides about 7 1/2 minutes flight time.

– Brushed motor drone.
– Toilet bowl effect wobbling was seen when follow me was activated. Reading more closely through the instructions, I should have kept at least 30 meters distance between drone and myself to avoid TBE.
– Screen waypoint flying did not seem to work.

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Mini Foldable HD Camera Drone In India !! Only Rs1200

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Mini Foldable HD Camera Drone In India !! Only Rs1200
hey guys in this video i will show you Best Budget HD Camera drone hope you like it.
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Drone D4

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Cool Looking Space Ship Folding Arm Camera Drone – Flytec T13 – TheRcSaylors

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I think that if you are interested in flying a Micro Camera Drone, probably one of the most important aspects of the drone itself, other than being a capable flyer, is having a good camera. Many times in today’s market of drones that fall under $50, you can find a really great performing drone, but the camera is just barely good enough to be called a “toy”. This folding little space ship quadcopter however has a decent camera, worth actually using! That, paired with the really bright lights and just fun factor, makes this drone worth adding to your wish list, that is if you are okay with flying directly from your phone and no dedicated transmitter. Happy Flying!

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