Trucking companies draw recruits from unexpected source amid driver shortage

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This year, the turnover rate for truck drivers is 96 percent. More than 50,000 drivers are needed to meet the demand. One group of drivers, Indian-Americans who practice the Sikh faith, may well be a big part of the solution. CBS News’ Jim Axelrod reports.

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Ex Bishop David Abioye’s driver quits Living Faith Church, converts to Islam | Legit TV

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A former driver to renowned Living Faith Church Bishop, David Abioye has converted from Christianity to Islam at Games Village, Abuja. He has adopted a new name, Ismail Haruna. Ismail formerly known as Nicholas Martins said he is happier as a Muslim than he was as a Christian.

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Bus Driver Holds Hurt Child as He’s Carried Into Ambulance Following NYC Attack

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More from Inside Edition:
The assailant in Tuesday’s terror attack in New York City struck just as children were being dismissed from school and trick-or-treating was soon to begin. The rampage ended when the rental truck struck a school bus loaded with children. Two kids and one adult were passengers on the school bus when it was deliberately hit by the terrorist. Everyone on the bus suffered injuries, including the bus driver, who is being praised following the attack.


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Cleveland priest forgives teen boy was getaway driver in his robbery

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The Rev. John Kumse forgave 16-year-old Terrance Kimbrough for the boy’s role in the December 2017 robbery in which Kumse was shot at outside St. Mary’s of the Assumption in Cleveland. Kimbrough was charged as an adult and was sentenced Wednesday to seven years in prison.

Carrollton bus crash took her husband. 22 years later, impaired driver killed her son.

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Janet Kytta Hancock recounts the Carrollton bus crash in 1988 in which her husband, Chuck Kytta, was killed, and the death of her son, Charlie, 22 years later. He was also killed by an impaired driver. Read more about her story:


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HOUSE FIRE – 3502 Ridgeway Road, Box 32-2 Progress, PA December 14, 2005

December 14, 2005 was a “bitter-sweet” morning in more ways than one. As I backed my car into its parking spot at 3828 A Lexington Street which most of you that know me personally have partied at, oh wait that’s another story let me get back on track. I got out of my car and felt the sting of zero degrees without a wind chill on my face, I said to myself we are 100% guaranteed going to a fire today with it this cold! Little did I know this would turn out to be my most memorable and fun day of my ongoing fire service career.

No sooner did I fall asleep I was back up for my pager with a voice activation of “working structure fire”, yes I was right! Blood is no pumping and I am red lined, the day is set and perfect for “work” and we were about to be doing it! I pull in and they are pulling out in E-32, the Seagrave. Now I am pissed off at level 10, a perfect day for a fire and I am missing a confirmed working fire in the 33 box, neighboring area.

I finally get settled down from a boil to a simmer and decide to fire up the computer in the watch office. I find it unusual that not one additional member has come in to listen to the working fire only a few miles from the station. It’s all but a tradition and clockwork that the men will file into the firehouse to see what’s burning and to see if they are going to call for additional equipment. It has now been about 20 minutes and I hear this go over the police channel “Susquehanna cars, a reported structure fire at 3502 Ridgeway Road”. I jump up and head to the MACK and say to myself “I will go place this box in service quick, it has got to be a furnace malfunction”.

I make it all the way to 36th and Walnut Streets before the tones stop dropping for this box, as I am crossing over they now say “working structure fire” because I missed the first part of the dispatch due the old Mack engine firing up. I am now re-set and back to being excited on this magical morning for firefighters. Let me get off track for just one or two sentences; Fireman are superstitious creatures and always prepare for certain days of the year, super-cold temps, super-hot temps or thunderstorms for fires just to name a few. Ok now we are back to responding down 36th street, anticipation is building; is this really a working fire, what am I going to be able do (defensive/offensive), is anyone on the air yet pushing me in??

I pull the old Mack to the corner of Ridgeway and 36th, look down and see a different site than we are generally used to. I am assuming with the super-cold air (zero) the header did not rise right away, there was a sideways chocolate brown header of smoke overtop of the neighborhood. My excitement has now turned surreal, almost felt like slow motion mode as I pulled up and gave my size-up. As I got out I moved with a purpose because I wanted to get water on this job before anyone else arrived, (pride thing) and this was a rare opportunity, the stars and moons were aligned to have this happen, the right way.

I remember looking up over the old Mack and saying, wow this is really happening. I jumped back into the cab and set the repeater on channel 1 in case something happened where I needed to call county direct. By now a Firefighter from Penbrook, Tommy Moraski was on scene in street clothes and said he would charge my line for me and watch the pump, I’m thinking……PERFECT! The help gets better, STPD is now asking what they can do, I have the officer we know as “Tackleberry” push hose into the front door “till it stops moving”. I didn’t see this but apparently “Tackleberry” put a SCBA on, made entry and humped more hose up the stairs to me!

I get 2 rooms knocked and am holding the line the best I can into a hole in the ceiling after hearing it cracking above me. I then decide to walk out and request the pressure in the line dropped when I run smack dab into another firefighter. I then find out it is Tommy Altland who was one of two men to show up on Tower 32. It took a minute to realize who it was in near zero visibility but as I did I was instantly relieved to find a hard core old school Fireman with a hook ready to work!

The company later went to a third working fire that day making it a memorable day for myself and the zone 3 Dauphin County units as well!

Disclaimer; Circumstances were perfect for this scenario, do not go trying to make this happen and I do not recommend making entry alone.