Passion 2017 – Katherine & Jay Wolf – Session 3 Atlanta | Georgia Dome

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Passion 2017 – Katherine & Jay Wolf – Session 3 Atlanta | Georgia Dome

One Name One Voice One Moment

A Gathering of 18-25 Year Olds and Their Leaders

St. Mary & St. Abram Coptic Orthodox Church – Copper Dome Metal Fabrication and Installation

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Architectural Sheet Metal Systems manufactured and installed new copper domes for St. Mary & St. Abram Coptic Orthodox Church. There was expensive Coptic art work below the domes which provided unique challenges to the manufacturing and installation process. To over come these challenges, metal was rolled and welded to create a frame for the dome. The frame was skinned with 18 ga galvanized and covered with ice and watershield. Then the copper colored panels were installed. The sizing was critical to ensure a tight fit over the existing domes while ensuring that no slippage would occur to damage the expensive art work. To cap off the project, the crosses on top of each dome were repaired and repainted. The result – a quality job and a very satisfied customer!

Visit Utrecht, Netherlands: Things to do in Utrecht – The Dome City

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Visit Utrecht – Top 10 Things which can be done in Utrecht. What you can visit in Utrecht – Most visited touristic attractions of Utrecht

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01. Dom Tower of Utrecht
The tallest church tower in the Netherlands. The Gothic-style tower is the symbol of the city. Was part of the Cathedral of Saint Martin. The cathedral was never fully completed due to lack of money. Since the unfinished nave collapsed in 1674 the Dom tower became a free standing tower.

02. Railway Museum
The Dutch national railway museum. It was established in 1927 and since 1954 has been housed in the “Maliebaan station”, a former railway station. The collection currently on display contains, among other things, steam locomotives, electric locomotives, diesel locomotives, train cars, freight cars, and some trams.

03. Pieterskerk
A Reformed and former Roman Catholic church dedicated to Peter the Apostle. One of the city’s oldest churches. Its construction began in 1039 and it was inaugurated on 1 May 1048.

04. Oudegracht
The “old canal” which runs through the center of Utrecht. The ground excavated was used to raise the sides of the canal, to reduce the chance of flooding. When the city’s system of locks was finished in 1275 the water level was constant, enabling the creation of permanently dry cellars and new quays at water level, hence the typical wharfs (Dutch: werven) below street level.

05. Ouwehands Zoo
A zoo with numerous species in naturalistic habitats, a bear forest & sea lion shows.

06. Singelloop Utrecht
An annual road running event over 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) which takes place on the streets of city of Utrecht. It is typically held in either September or October. The competition, which roughly translates as the Utrecht Canal Run, was initiated by Nico Munzert and had its first edition on 30 May 1925.

07. Castle De Haar
Located near Haarzuilens. The current buildings, all built upon the original castle, date from 1892 and are the work of Dutch architect P.J.H. Cuypers, in a Neo-Gothic restoration project funded by the Rothschild family.

08. Museum Speelklok
A museum. as a collection of automatically playing musical instruments, most of which still work and therefore still can play their music. Among the instruments on display are music boxes, musical clocks, pianolas, barrel organs (including the typically Dutch large street organs) and a turret clock with carillon.

09. Catharijneconvent
A museum of religious art. Has an extensive collection of historical and art-historical objects from the early Middle Ages to the present. The vast collection presents a picture of Protestant and Catholic art and cultural history of the Netherlands, and its impact on Dutch society.

10. De Uithof
Part of the city of Utrecht, which contains the Utrecht Science Park. Also contains the main university library, student housing, botanical gardens, shops and a restaurant.

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FEMA Dome Taking Shape in Lumberton, Texas

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Lumberton, TX — A 25,0000 square foot dome is under construction in Lumberton, Texas and will mainly function as a disaster proof gym and an auditorium for holding school events for Lumberton, ISD. The tornado safe structure becomes the first of its kind to be located in South East Texas and is considered practically indestructible by FEMA whose grants are primarily funding the construction. Reported by: Adam Wright, KBMT12 NEWS HD — Learn more about the advantages of dome construction at www.

The Destiny Dome with Overseer Apostle Oscar Dowdell Underwood – Christmas Eve 2017

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BWE was honored to stream live from Fort Wayne Indiana with our Beloved Overseer Apostle Oscar Dowdell Underwood on Christmas Even 2017

Dome Homes – Earthquake and Hurricane Proof – Energy Efficient

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This video shows the basic survival properties of the dome structure. An advanced commercial version is called “Monolithic Dome” – Benefits: Survivability – Whether it’s your home, your children’s school or some other structure that you and your loved ones spend time in, nothing beats knowing that you’re in a place that cannot be destroyed by most natural or man made disasters. That’s the confidence Monolithic Domes offer. They meet or exceed FEMA’s standards for providing near-absolute protection. Monolithic Domes are proven survivors of tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and fires.
Shake Table Test Shows the Dome Shape is Virtually Earthquake-Proof
During the 1990s, Charles Lin’s Monolithic Dome survived an earthquake unscathed.

Researchers at the University of British Columbia loaded 5.5 tons of sand bags on the top of a 24-foot diameter dome and subjected it to simulated earthquake conditions on their shake tables. Watch the video of the shake-table test and find out if the wood-framed dome survived.
Is round stronger than square?
Roger Magill’s circular pre-fab house weathered Hurricane Charley with zero damage.

A round house survives a hurricane? It did and we think it’s pretty cool. An article appeared on’s website in July, highlighting the fact that something as simple as changing the shape of your home can increase its strength dramatically.

Can a Monolithic Dome stop a .30-06 bullet? The durability of the Monolithic Dome’s exterior has withstood extreme hail storms with virtually no lasting damage.
Monolithic Domes Provide Shelter from Hurricanes in Southeast Texas

Any sturdy building had to be declared a hurricane shelter in the Woodsboro, Texas area up until four years ago. At that time, two hurricane-proof Monolithic Dome gymnasiums, which could act as hurricane shelters for the community, were built in Woodsboro and Edna, reports J. R. Ortega in the story, Hurricane-proof domes could provide salvation for those in path of storm, in the Victoria Advocate.
Monolithic Domes: Surviving Bullets, Projectiles, Tornadoes
The rifle used in this test was a Ruger 10/22, using a very standard 40 grain projectile. Damage from this rifle was minimal.

As they say on TV, “Don’t try this at home.” Don’t shoot holes in your home with a 30-06 caliber rifle. To test the bullet-resisting strength of a Monolithic Dome, Gary Clark, our VP of Sales, fired at our Monolithic Dome storage buildings.
Domers respond to Moore, Oklahoma
Seventeen hundred homes were totally destroyed by the tornado at Moore, Oklahoma. But notice the simple, concrete, thin shell, dome storage/tornado shelter — the sole survivor. Monolithic Domes survive tornadoes — schools, churches, homes, etc. Be safe.

Just a day after the devastating tornado in Moore, Monolithic began receiving phone calls and emails about that tragedy. We greatly appreciate all comments.
Monolithic Domes Have Blast-Resistant Strength
Strength testing the Monolithic Dome at BYU Laboratories. The sand bags represent the amount of weight previously thought to be the maximum load this dome could take. The addition of the forklift did nothing. They were ultimately unable to break the shell by overloading it and had to take it apart with jackhammers.

In 1976 I hired a German engineer for a dome project in Germany. Although I never asked for it, he sent me a report stating that, during World War II, thin shell concrete buildings in Germany faired far better than other structures.
Oklahoma School Says Its Buildings Are Tornado Proof

The Monolithic Dome school in Geronimo, Oklahoma was recently toured by Oklahoma’s Own news reporter, Kelly Ogle. In his report, Ogle interviews NOAA Research Meteorologist Dr. Harold Brooks where he agrees that Monolithic Domes are safer and cheaper options for schools.
Dome Schools Make Disaster-Proof Promise

The Oklahoma City FOX affiliate KOKH TV online investigative report features part two of a special report about how Monolithic domes at one school could become the model for schools everywhere.
Public schools pressured to install safe rooms

A Timely Message To All

The Avalon School Multipurpose Center is now more than ten years old. It has survived much use by hundreds of students and community residents. It has also served as a tornado shelter sever times. One such tornado caused significant damage to other parts of the school and neighborhood. But those in the Monolithic Dome remained totally safe. See:

Domed, Not Doomed

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Disco Dance Dome! Xtreme Dance Party Jumpers for rent Riverside CA. Moreno Valley, Menifee, Murrieta

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D.E.S.T – Downeast Sunrise Trail Relay – DoMe Team 2018

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Team DoME – Department of Minimal Effort’s 2018 running of the DEST race from Ellsworth, Maine to Eastport, Maine on the 102 mile Downeast Sunrise Trail.