The Rifter Reviews – Rainbowday Digital Video Camera – Decent Budget Camcorder

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This is an “OK” video camera for beginners. I’m not really impressed with it. It does much better outside, than inside. The close focusing distance is disappointing.

3 Tips for Long Exposure Photography | Digital Cameras

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A really popular form of photography is long exposure photography, which is really great for night scenes, for just kind of pulling out detail that the normal eye, your physical eye wouldn’t ordinarily see.

This is something that you’re going to need a tripod for if you want to attempt. Here’s an example of one that I shot. This is in Hoboken, looking out at a dock with seagulls. And the reason I did this as a long exposure, other than the fact that it was a night time shot, was to kind of give a very soft appearance to the waves in the water. If you extend out your shutter speed, really interesting things start to happen.

This one, in particular happens to be an eight second exposure, so it gave it just enough time for the water that was slowly coming in, just to smooth out and have a really nice sort of cottony flow. It’s also really popular with photographs of highways or street scenes, to get those long streaks of light. It’s important also to remember, you know, with a photo like this, that if you’re doing a long exposure, you’re going to need to compensate both your ISO and/or your aperture to make up for the fact that you’re letting a lot of light in over a long period of time.

Mine was for eight seconds, but there’s no reason you couldn’t do a 30 second exposure, a one minute exposure, a one hour exposure. Let’s say you were going to attempt a one hour exposure, you’d probably want a really, really high F-stop with a really tiny opening just to control that light as it comes in and maybe a low ISO.

It’s all about that equation just keeping everything balanced. But you know at night time it’s really easy to do that because there’s not a lot of light you’re working with to begin with. As long as you have something to stabilize your camera with, it’s really easy to try and there’s a lot of creativity that you can get into if you do decide to give it a try.

And those are just the basics of long exposure photography.

Where can I Buy HDMI USB industrial video digital microscope camera

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Where can I Buy HDMI USB industrial video digital microscope camera
Product On Aliexpress:

Brand Name:AMSZOOMFeatures:High Definition,DigitalTheory:Video MicroscopeModel Number:naMaterial:MetalDrawtube:MonocularMagnification Ratio:500X & Under

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Waterproof Mini HD Digital Video Camera with WIFI/Night Vision etc Mini Camcorder Watch

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WEIGHT 0.5 kg
DIMENSIONS 30 × 20 × 10 cm






MicroSD / TF

1080P (Full-HD)

Reasonable Price for HDMI USB industrial video digital microscope camera

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Reasonable Price for HDMI USB industrial video digital microscope camera
Product On Aliexpress:

Brand Name:AMSZOOMFeatures:High Definition,DigitalTheory:Video MicroscopeModel Number:naMaterial:MetalDrawtube:MonocularMagnification Ratio:500X & Under

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Best Camcorder Video Camera Ultra HD Digital Cameras and Video Recorder Review

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4K Camcorder Video Camera Camcorders 48.0MP 60 FPS Ultra HD Digital Cameras and Video Recorder with Wifi/Infrared Night Vision

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CONVERTING a SUPER 8mm Video Camera to Digital, The Easy Way

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I convert a Bell & Howell 492 Autoload Focus Matic Super8 video camera to digital by replacing the lens with a mini video camera and then post processing the footage.

I’m not smart enough to do this properly, replacing the film with a sensor, but this was a fun experiment.

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AUTO-VOX Digital Wireless Backup Camera CS2

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AUTO-VOX Digital Wireless Backup Camera Kit CS-2
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-【Digital Stable Signal Transmission】: The unique digital signal replaces the analog signal so there will be no interference from any other devices within 100 meters. This is point-to-point digital transmission.No more signal instability or flashing screens.
-【Vivid Image Restoration】: Specially designed with PC1058 sensor, which provides vivid and smooth images without over-saturated color like pink or purple. Keep away from distortion issue!
-【Better Built-in Transmitter】:Compared with other digital products, the transmitter is built into AUTO-VOX CS-2 rear view camera which is designed to be smaller and easier to install. There is no complicated wires. You will no longer worry about where the transmitter should be placed.
-【Dual Use Camera &6 Adjustable Parking Line】: CS-2 backup camera supports mirror and normal image , you can also put the camera in front of the car to avoid a front blind spot. Besides, the parking line can be adjusted. It will be very useful in irregular parking situation.
-【Superior Night Vision& Durable Rear Camera】: 5-full glass lens and 0.1 low Lumen rear camera presents sharp image both day and night. Durable waterproof camera could withstand extreme temperatures from -4℉~149℉.

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Travel Photography Tips: 10 Top Tips for Travel Photographers by What Digital Camera

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Travel Photography Tips: 10 Top Tips for Travel Photographers by What Digital Camera


In this video we run through travel photography / holiday photography camera top tips, travel camera help, travel camera advice and travel camera how to for how to get the best holiday photographs and how to get the best travel photographs with your DSLR camera.

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Video Camera Camcorder 30MP 60FPS 4K Camera Ultra HD WiFi Digital Camera Camcorders

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Video Camera Camcorder 30MP 60FPS 4K Camera Ultra HD WiFi Digital Camera Camcorders
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【4K Camera】Ultra HD 4K resolution, 30.0 MP image resolution, 14.0 Mega pixels COMS sensor, 3.0” TFT-LCD touch screen (270 degree rotation), 16X digital zoom, Built-in microphone and speaker, LED fill light, Anti-shake, Face-detection, Smile capture, HDMI output, Webcam Function. Supports standard tripod, external microphones and Class 10 SD/SDHC card(64GB max)
【WiFi Function】Support WiFi connection and transmission, only need to download “ismart DV” APP to operate the video camera, download files from camera to mobile phone or tablet, as well as taking photos and recording as a remote control (effective range ≤10 feet). Easy to carry and store, the camcorder is a good gift for kids, parents, family and friends, suit for the travel, record happiness moments at home and outdoor
【Macro Function and Fill Lights】: The macro function can clearly capture close-up things, letting you enjoy crisper, clearer, more stable, and movie-like video and image. Built in super warm and cold color fill light, which can fill the light in a darker environment to take beautiful picture and video, when the light intensity is insufficient, you can press power/light button to open fill light under standby mode, you can take photos and videos during night
【Pause Function】 This digital video camera supports “PAUSE” function, you can choose to pause the videos when you were recording camera videos. Then continue continue the recording in the same file without open a new one file. It is easy for you to edit and upload your videos to the YouTube and Facebook. For actual 4K visual effect, please play picture or video on your computer or TV
【Powerful Battery】Equipped with NP-40 3.7V 1700mAh rechargeable Li-Ion battery. We guarantee 100% Brand New and High quality. If you are not 100% satisfied with our product, We support 12 months Warranty and 45 days free return or money back guarantee. Any questions, welcome to feel free to contact our customer service team

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Film Photography In Hindi | Nikon ES-2 | Convert Negatives To Digital Photos

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Iss photography video mein dekhiye ek aur photography genre ‘film photography’. Hum aapko dikhayenge ki apne nikon dslr camera aur nikon es-2 film digitizing adapter se kaise 35mm film negatives ya positives ko digital photo kaise banaya jaata hai.

Agar aapko black and white film photography, color film photography, ya vintage photography ka shauk hai, toh aap iss video ka faayda utha sakte hain.

Aur ek aat photo-editing techniques bhi hain, iss video mein, joh aap photoshop mein try kar sakte hain.

Hindi mein photography seekhne ke liye, photography courses aur step by step photography dekhne ke liye humaare hindi photography channel ko zaroor subscribe keejiye!
२०१९ की शुरुआत हो चुकी है, तोह क्यों न फिल्म फ़ोटोग्राफ़ी की भी शुरुआत हो जाए! इस फ़ोटोग्राफ़ी वीडियो में हम आप को दिखाएंगे, कैसे फिल्म के नेगटिवेस को डिजिटल फोटो में तब्दील किया जाता है

Nikon ES 2 एक बोहोत ही बेहतरीन आविष्कार है Nikon द्वारा, जिससे पुराने 35mm फिल्म नेगटिवेस को डिजिटल तस्वीरों में कन्वर्ट किया जा सकता है।

यह फ़ोटोग्राफ़ी वीडियो उन् लोगों के लिए भी है जोह फिल्म फ़ोटोग्राफ़ी में दिलचस्पी रखते है और ब्लैक एंड वाइट फ़ोटोग्राफ़ी के बारे में और जानना चाहते है। तोह चलिए, आज हम आपको दिखाते हैं की यह कैसे किया जाता है।

इस तकनीक को अपनाने के लिए आपको चाहिए नेगेटिव या पॉजिटिव फिल्म, एक हाई रेसोलुशन कैमरा जैसे की Nikon D850
अगर आपके पास Nikon D850 कैमरा न भी हो, तोह भी आप इस तकनीक को अपना सकते हैं।

इनके अलावा आपको चाहिए Nikon का ES2 फिल्म दिगिटीज़िंग एडाप्टर, और एक हलकी फुल्की लाइट नेगटिवेस को एक्सपोज़ करने के लिए।
धयान रहे, गरम लाइट का इस्तेमाल न करें, क्यों की नेगटिवेस बर्बाद हो सकते हैं।

बस वीडियो में दिए गए इंस्ट्रक्शन को देख कर अपनाएं, और बड़ी आसानी से फिल्म को डिजिटल फोटोज में कन्वर्ट करें।

फ़ोटोग्राफ़ी और फिल्ममेकिंग पर और वीडियोस देखने के लिए, या हिंदी में फ़ोटोग्राफ़ी सीखने के लिए हमारे चैनल GMax Studios हिंदी को आप सुबरिबे कर सकते हैं। हमारे पास कई सारे फ़ोटोग्राफ़ी पर वीडियोस और टुटोरिअल्स हैं, जिन्हे देख कर आप घर बैठ कर फ़ोटोग्राफ़ी सीख सकते हैं।

हिंदी फ़ोटोग्राफ़ी पर आर्टिकल्स पढ़ने के लिए, पर जाएँ.

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JOZQA HD POLO D7100 Digital Camera 33Million Pixel Professional SLR Video Camera 24X

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JOZQA HD POLO D7100 Digital Camera 33Million Pixel Auto Focus Professional SLR Video Camera 24X Optical Zoom Three Lens

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Unboxing my new digital video camera!!

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Hello everyone welcome back to my channel in this video i am unboxing my new video camera so i can record better quality videos. I am so happy i ordered it. it came really fast and in good condition. For everything tri pod included i paid 80.24 not bad for the price 🙂 I honestly cant wait to set it up and record another video for you guys.

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Digital Video Camera: Basic Functions

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This is an introduction to basic functions and settings of a digital video camera created for the courses AD30400 Video Art and AD61600 Graduate Video Art and Critique in the Department of Art& Design at Purdue University. It covers the following functions: Focus, Zoom, Aperture (Iris), Shutter Speed, Rack Focus/Depth of Field, White Balance and Gain.
Examples of artist work that uses some of these functions (or other aspects of the video camera) include:
Gary Hill: Site Recite (a prologue), 1989, (depth of field)
Michael Snow: Wavelength, 1967, (continuous zoom)
Mark Lewis: On Mile (2013) and other works, (panning, tracking shots, composition)
and of course Dziga Vertov’s Chelovek’s kinoapparatom (Man With A Movie Camera), 1929