Como dar el Plan de Salvacion (Spanish soul-winning Demo)

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Vatican (US) – Power Is Obsession (Full Demo)

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American heavy metal band from Sandusky, Ohio

Vatican’s 1989 demo “Power Is Obsession” in full length

Brian McNasty – Vocals, Bass
Dale Land – Guitar
Vince Vatican – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Vic Gribouski – Drums

1. The Power Lord – 0:00
2. Ride the Lightning – 4:30
3. Power Is Obsession – 10:18
4. The Beast – 14:36
5. Repent or Burn – 19:16
6. Dragons Without Fire – 22:05
7. Expelled – 25:44

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Kids Martial Arts Demo at Wakefield 12 – Raleigh, NC – Marquee Cinemas (Karate Kid premiere)

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A demonstration that was held at Wakefield 12 Marquee Cinema in 2010 during the Karate Kid premiere. Professor Rob and Guy Pendergrass as well as many of the Junior Champions demonstrate self defense, throws, and weapons disarmament technique. We offer programs for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing, and Self Defense. For more info about Pendergrass Academy check us out at
Pendergrass Academy
12339-104 Wake Union Church Road
Wake Forest NC 27587

Decimated King – In a Blaze [2016 Demo]

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Decimated King return with a demo version of In a Blaze, a new track from our upcoming album. Stay tuned.

Check us out at:

Download our music for free at:

All audio and images belong to Decimated King.

Vocals – Angus Shaw
Guitar – Benjamin Ellis
Guitar – Thomas Magrath
Bass – Brad Lucas
Drums – Jonty Verkerk

Addicted to destruction
The flame
The ash
The strike of the match
I’ve reduced churches
Houses and schools
To burnt blackened remains
In the wake of my rampage
Scorching hate flows through my veins
And If could I’d consume the world in flames
Addicted to annihilation
But tonight is my final act of lust
Reducing all to charcoal and dust
Sitting in a tub filled with gasoline
Lighting my cigarette
Striking the match
Igniting the gas
Reducing my world to ash
So tonight the night of my cremation
Addicted to annihilation
So tonight I burn
Burning in the the flames of addiction
So tonight
the night of my cremation
addicted to annihilation
So tonight
The night of my cremation
Addicted to annihilation
So I burn

Zero Demo! Tommy Sandoval, Corey Glick, Local Quickie Skaters – Tulsa, OK

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Zero Skaters stopped by Quickie Mart in Tulsa, OK to skate an awesome demo & throw out some merch.

Shot & Edited by Seth Harcrow of the B.O.B.
Hover Cam Footy shot by Matt Taylor

25th Street Theater Waco Lighting Demo Coemar Clay, Paky, Arcline

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I have re-recorded this video and added a better mix of music that Mousie would have played during the time this video was shot. Enjoy the tracks and the better quality video footage! Cheers Matt B. Fullhosue Productions and hats off to Rob Bob, Jake and everyone else from the club.. Myself Jake and Rob Bob own the copyrights to this video. This video may not be reproduced or downloaded without permission. Users may share this link to youtube.

Lighting Demo of 25th Street Theatre Lighting Grid. Music added by Matt B of Fullhouse Productions. During it’s heyday from 1986-1990, this club was one of the pinnacles of clubs for its time. 25th Street Theatre was on the level of legendary clubs like Studio 54 in NYC and STARCK Club in Dallas. This club inspired me due to the lighting and sound. Richard Olsen, Richard Keiffer, Jimmy Bartlett, Jake Vanek, Thurman, Keith, Michael S., Tom, LJ, Rob Bob & many others made this club a legend for Waco & Texas.

baton rouge guitars – demo X4

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Baton Rouge Guitars X4 Demo

guitar models:
X4S/GACE fabulous
X4S/OM fabulous
X4S/GA-8 fabulous plus 2

Guitar – Szymon Chudy
Recorded and mixed at Gitara.TV studio in Brzeg (Poland), by Szymon Chudy.
Video by Paweł Skarbek.

baton rouge guitars – demo X10

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Baton Rouge Guitars X10 Demo

guitar models:
X10C/GACE eclat
X10C/OMCE-57 éclat

Guitar – Szymon Chudy
Recorded and mixed at Gitara.TV studio in Brzeg (Poland), by Szymon Chudy.
Video by Paweł Skarbek.

Train Simulator Marias Pass Montana USA Demo MS 2001

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3D PC graphics train ride (rolling) from 2001 by Microsoft
Scenes from Introductory Train Ride Marias Pass, Montana USA
(Whitefish to Shelby 163 miles / 270 Km, locomotive Class BNSF Dash 9)
Original highest settings
High quality encoding for use with big screens
Authentic with loading screens
(DirectX 7. 0a, made by Kuju. In Train Simulator, Microsoft has created a realistic simulation of the iron horse–one that can hold its head high next to its racing and flying peers. Train Simulator does a superb job bringing the unique sights of the railroads to life. With variable weather and time settings, you’ll see trains streak through the night and pass through snow flurries or rain. Each train is carefully and pleasingly detailed. External animated parts add to the authenticity: the pantograph, which draws power from overhead lines to the electric trains, extends and retracts, and the intricate driver rods on the steam locomotives pump in elaborate patterns. And steam and smoke will drift backward in the wind as you pick up speed. The countryside and trackside buildings provide plenty of detailed, memorable scenery, from deer crossing the tracks to tiny churches high in the Alps. Most impressively, mountains actually look to scale, which is a rare feat in games. The Alps really do seem to dwarf your train (Gamespot))