Moose DownEast Sunrise Rail Trail Maine October 4, 2017 80 Degrees!

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After going to Maine for 30 years from Maryland, I finally came across a Moose, right after we left the Dennysville Snowmoble Clubhouse on our bikes at about mile 85.5 on the rail trail, as there it was, eating, naturally. We looked at it and it looked at us, as you can hear him sniff at us, as we waited for him to move on, so we could continue on to Ayers Junction. Okay, we saw the Moose, now we needed to continue on with our ride. Just kidding, it was a neat stand off. So he finally had enough of us and trotted down the trail and out of sight, as we continue on and there he was again, just standing on the trail, as did this all over again, as he finally went into the woods to eat more. I was told he was a 2 year Moose, not fully grown yet, but it was to us, a Moose. And we where also told he is called a “Swamp Donkey” at this age.