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A Danish Photographer’s ‘Sex’ Photo Atop the Great Pyramid of Giza Is Causing an Uproar

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Some people have crazy sex fantasies — no judgment. However, doing it, or portraying yourself doing it, on top of one of the seven wonders of the ancient world may be crossing the line. Danish photographer Andreas Hvid did exactly that, which instantly pissed off a lot of people and caused Egyptian officials to launch an investigation. He doesn’t plan to travel to Egypt again anytime soon. Check out our video to see the controversial image.

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Danish Photographer pictures himself on top of the Great Pyramid clapping some skins Was he Wrong?

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Danish Photographer pictures himself on top of the Great Pyramid clapping some skins Was he Wrong


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Danish photographer posts picture ‘having sex’ on top of Great Pyramid

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Danish photographer posts picture ‘having sex’ on top of Great Pyramid:

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A Danish photographer sparked outrage in Egypt after posting a picture of himself appearing to have sex with a woman atop the Great Pyramid.Andreas Hvid posted the explicit snap on his website and it was also featured in a video he posted on YouTube.It shows him and the unidentified woman in a sexual position at the top of the famous landmark.Now, authorities in Egypt are investigating after the case was referred to the prosecutor general by the minister for antiquities, state news agency Ahram Online reported.Khaled el Anany said Hvid’s actions were a violation of public morality and referred the case for investigation. The video, which was apparently taken down, was reposted on Hvid’s page on Sunday.It shows Hvid and the woman climbing to the top of the 4,500-year-old pyramid and looking out over Cairo.Another clip shows the woman removing her top.In the video’s description box, Hvid said he and the woman climbed the pyramid late last month. RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next BBC boss sparks outrage after claiming viewers ‘love… A VERY cheeky title! Missouri tourist town with just 25… Share this article Share ‘In late November 2018, a friend and I climbed the Great Pyramid of Giza (a.k.a. Pyramid of Khufu, Pyramid of Cheops),’ he wrote.’Fearing to be spotted by the many guards, I did not film the several hours of sneaking around at the Giza Plateau, which lead up to the climb.’ He also posted a link to his website, which shows the explicit picture.But it quickly attracted a backlash from commenters, who branded it disrespectful.One said: ‘In my opinion, the nude stuff is very disrespectful and ignorant.’Another added: ‘Total disgrace. Total disrespect for local culture.”On behalf of historians and archaeologists everywhere, I hope you both end up in jail,’ another added.On his website, which also contains other examples of his ‘nude art,’ Hvid says he is ‘forever in search of beautiful locations where you cannot be.’Egypt, a mostly Muslim country, regards the pyramids of Giza as among its most important monuments.Climbing them above a certain level is forbidden and the entire site is closed to the public after 5pm and patrolled by police officers.
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LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY | Behind the scenes in the Danish woodlands

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I am in a Danish forest close to were I live to do landscape photography, and this day is nothing but amazing. Just before the spring is about to kick in, the Nordic winter surprised everybody one last time with frost and snow.

Covered in a thick layer of snow the Nordic landscape looks totally different, and the woodland i am photographing, has almost turned into black and white.
I am definitely more a wildlife photographer than I am a landscape photographer, but on such a day I just have to get out there and challenge myself with some winter photography.

It was quite a challenge to do a behind the scenes vlog and photograph in this weather because of the temperatures which were just around 0 degrees Celsius. Both the Nikon D5, the Tamron 150-600 and especially the Panasonic GH5 ( my vlogging camera ) constantly got full of snow that melted on the front element of the lens. So the quality of this behind the scenes video is not the best, but I really wanted to share this amazing day:)

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