Nikon D7200: Time-lapse Photography by Corey Rich

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Corey Rich takes you through creating time-lapse videos with the D7200 in Time-lapse Photography mode and Interval Timer Shooting mode. Time-lapse photography mode generates a movie in camera, allowing you to instantly review and share your work. The built-in exposure smoothing capabilities mean that you can capture extreme changes in light, like a city transforming from day to night, with minimal flicker in your final time-lapse. Interval timer mode provides access to the set of images captured for post production, giving you more creative opportunity when building your final time-lapse.

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Landscape Photography Scotland – Nikon D7200 Camera – Exploring Glencoe.

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Landscape Photography Scotland – Nikon D7200 Camera – Exploring Glencoe.

Landscape photography trip up to Glencoe to try and capture an early morning sunrise. However the weather was not the best so decided to use it as an opportunity to practice and also explore areas for future landscape photographs. Had some issues with my new camera the Nikon D7200 and pictures from this trip. Have now found out with help from a fellow photographer who was kind enough to spend a morning with me to look at what I was doing wrong.

Mistake number one was having not switching off the VR (Vibration Reduction) on the lens when mounted on the tripod.

Second mistake was the f/ stops that I was using ideally with my lens. Should really have been around f/8 – f/11 as they seem to be the sharpest for what I was looking for.

Something that I am also getting to keen on using is HDR or merged images that are giving some of the photographs I had taken a cartoon / painting type look to them. So need to do more research and tone down on how much I use this technique.

Always trying new things and techniques in the art of outdoor filmmaking. Also now adding and learning the art of landscape photography. So now using both mediums I hope to capture my experiences visiting and exploring this amazing place I am lucky to live in called Scotland.

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Atb Ray.


Despite their modest height, walking and climbing in the Scottish mountains may be made treacherous by their latitude and exposure to Atlantic weather systems. Even in summer, conditions can be atrocious; thick fog, strong winds, driving rain and freezing summit temperatures are commonplace. The content shown in my films are just my own opinions, thoughts and as a way to record my trips. Walking and hiking in the Scottish mountains & hills can be dangerous and is done entirely at your own risk.

Hazards you may encounter include:

Open moorland Terrain, few distinct landmarks, difficult navigation.
Crags and steep drops near summits.
Boggy areas.
River/Stream levels can increase markedly in one day.
Snow and ice on summits even in early summer.
Sudden changes in weather conditions.
Temperature decreases by 1 degree C for every 100m of ascent.


You are responsible for your own safety.
Are you fit enough to complete your chosen walk in the available time?
Ensure you have the correct clothing for the changeable Scottish weather.
Know where you are going on the walk and follow the route on your map.
At the very least carry a map & compass, survival bag, torch, whistle and small first aid kit.
Ensure you have enough food plus emergency rations.
Cold temperatures will reduce the life of your batteries.

In severe winter conditions you must carry an ice axe. You are also recommended to carry crampons.

Learn and know how to use your equipment.


Filmed with ‘GoPro Hero 4’ & ‘Panasonic VX980EB-K’ in 4K

Be aware that all film content and information is copyright and cannot be used for commercial or public purposes.

Cheapest POLO D7200 Digital 33MP Autofocus Professional DSLR HD Video Camera

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Protax/POLO D7200 Digital Camera 33MP Autofocus Professional DSLR HD Video Camera buy on aliexpresss





Item specifics
Brand Name: PROTAX
MegaPixel: 10.0 – 20.0MP
Special Feature: None
Sensor Element Type: CMOS
Model Number: D7200
Sensor Size (inches): 1/2.5 inches
Focal Length: 2
Screen Size: 2″ – 3″
Power Mode: Double A Battery
Image Resolution (Video): HD (1280×720)
Optical Zoom: 17x – 30x
Type: Digital SLR
Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
Screen Type: Standard Screen
Screen Size: 2 – 3
Sensor Type: CMOS
Image Resolution (Video): HD (1280×720)
Features: 1080p HD Video Recording;;720p HD Video Recording
Optical Zoom: 21x
Connectivity: USB
Feature1: Digital DSLR Camera
Feature2: Body Camera Camcorder

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How to do slow motion video: Nikon D7200 camera settings for Full HD 60fps

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Phillip Pilkington Photographer explainer video showing camera settings for slow motion video capture using the Nikon D7200 DSLR. 60fps 1080i full HD