Helicopter Crash Caught On Camera | Top Gear Korea | Top Gear

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**This was an accident that was caught on camera during filming for Top Gear Korea. Thankfully no one was seriously injured**

The original challenge pitted presenter Kim Jin Pyo in a Corvette ZR1 against an AH1 Cobra helicopter in true Top Gear style.

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Inside IIHS: Crash test photography

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The “Inside IIHS” series of videos offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the work of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and its Vehicle Research Center.

“Inside IIHS: Crash test photography” explores what it takes to produce the high-quality, slow-motion footage needed to learn exactly what happened in a crash test and to communicate those findings to the media and the public.

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NASA Has Released A Photograph Of A Mysterious Spaceship That Crash landed In Utah

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NASA Has Released A Photograph Of A Mysterious Spaceship That Crash landed In Utah

In 2004 a so-called flying saucer apparently crash-landed in one of Utah’s deserts. Now, NASA has released photographic evidence of this incredible event. It’s November 2018, and NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) is ready to go live. But rather than showing the galaxies or nebulas that typically wow stargazing enthusiasts around the world,…

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Image: USAF 388th Range Sqd., Genesis Mission, NASA via APOD – NASA
Image: Central Library Zurich
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Image: via APPEL Knowledge Services – NASA

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Investigators discover last photographs by seaplane crash victims

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Photographs taken on a British passenger’s camera reveal a seaplane’s final moments (left) before it crashed killing all six people on board north of Sydney, Australia. British businessman Richard Cousins, four members of his family and Canadian pilot Gareth Morgan died on New Year’s Eve, last year, after the Sydney Seaplanes aircraft veered off course. Six images have been retrieved from a digital camera belonging to Mr Cousins’ son William (inset, top), a Canon EOS 40D, which was recovered from the wreckage (inset, bottom). Witness photos also show the aircraft turning near Hole in the Wall, off its usual course (right).

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Every Casey Neistat Camera Crash

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Caught on Camera Multi Car Crash 10 Fwy / Mid City

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MID CITY – CHP is investigating an incident that caused at least four separate collisions involving about six vehicles after a possibly stalled vehicle was struck by a second car in the #1 lane followed by another **three separate crashes which were caught on video** occurred. Four people sustained minor injuries and were transported by LAFD to local hospitals. That no one was seriously injured or killed was fortunate due to the seriousness of the crashes and damage. Sound with a passenger in one of the cars and with a good samaritan.

New Photography crash course introduced for beginners | School of fashion photography

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The First Movie Camera: Crash Course Film History #2

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After serial photography became a thing, it wasn’t long before motion pictures started to develop. And, at the front of that development was Thomas Edison, who you may know as an inventor and business person. In this episode of Crash Course Film History, Craig talks to us about Edison, his assistant W.K.L. Dickson, and their inventions that pioneered motion pictures.

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(VIDEO) Leicester City owner helicopter crash – Caught On Camera

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New footage shows the helicopter spinning and crashing shortly after take off. The video was recorded from inside the stadium.

R.I.P. Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, Pilot Eric Swaffer, Pilot Izabela Roza Lechowicz, Nursara Suknamai and Kaveporn Punpare

Leicester City had been playing West Ham United in the Premier League at their King Power stadium.