Creating Saturday Night Live: Crane Camera – SNL

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Saturday Night Live’s crane camera crew gives a behind-the-scenes look at an integral piece of the show’s production. Tune in to SNL Saturdays at 11:30 p.m. ET/8:30 p.m. PT on NBC!


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Zhiyun Crane 2 for Wedding Videography

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I took the Zhiyun Crane 2 for a spin recently for a wedding job, and here are my findings. It’s a beast of a gimbal that can add some lovely polished effects to your work.

Zhiyun Crane 2:
Mini handle grip:
Crane Plus :

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HYDRASCOPE Telescopic Camera Crane, Chapman UK

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The Hydrascope, from is a state of the art telescopic camera crane, designed to meet the needs of film makers creative ambitions in todays modern film and television industry. It is the most flexible crane of it’s kind in the world, allowing a huge range of camera movement and camera positioning.

The Hydrascope is the only telescopic camera crane that is completely waterproof and requires no rain cover for wet weather work. The watertight design allows for submerged underwater filming and the Hydrascope will accept any underwater camera on Chapman’s amphibian three axis remote head.

Capable of large payloads up to 230 pounds the Hydrascope is the perfect camera platform for 3D film making. Compatible with any of todays 3D camera systems as well as all existing film and digital video cameras.

To see the range of Hydrascope equipment which is available in the UK and the USA today contact CHAPMAN UK the British Film Grip specialists: [email protected]

Zhiyun Crane 2 | Full Review in Hindi | 3 Axis Gimbal | Filmmaking & Videography

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If you wish to buy the Zhiyun Crane 2 3-axis Gimbal, you can buy it here:

Thanks to and for giving us this gimbal.

Instagram handles of the artists that appear in the video:

This video is a complete review of the Zhiyun Crane 2 Gimbal in Hindi. It consists of all the pros and cons of this 3-axis Gimbal, the things to keep in mind, the working of different modes of this Gimbal, how to use them and also some sample footage shot using the Zhiyun Crane 2 Gimbal. This Gimbal was given to us by Zhiyun-tech to test and review. We’ve covered each feature of this Gimbal in this video. We will also be making more videos the same topic. Overall, the Zhiyun Crane 2 is one of the best gimbals ever because of amazing features like its tremendous payload capacity, follow focus capability, long-lasting battery life, the tripod-like stand it has and it’s classy and professional build.

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Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K Smallrig Cage on Zhiyun Crane 2

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Balanced on Zhiyun Crane 2, with the Samsung 2TB T5 SSD, Smallrig Cage, Smallrig SSD mount, Smallrig Cable Mount.

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 4K Camera:

Canon 16-35mm:

Viltrox EF-M2:

Smallrig BMPCC 4K Cage: $79
Smallrig Mount for Samsung T5 SSD: $23.90
Smallrig HDMI and USB C Clamp: $19.90
Smallrig Lens Mount Adapter Support: $14.90

Samsung T5 SSD 2TB $397:

Zhiyun Crane 2:

PROAIM Jr Pan-Tilt Head for Video Camera Jib Crane

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Expand your shooting capabilities with our Proaim Jr. Pan Tilt Head which offers 360 degree endless panning and tilting movement with reversal point to enhance your production value.
For Worldwide customers-
For Europe customers-
For USA/Canada customers-
For India customers-

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How to Use Zhiyun Crane V2 – 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer for DSLR and Mirrorless Camera

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Shooting video with this beast makes the footage super smooth. I have used it with my Sony HDR-XR520, Nikon D3S, GoPro, and smartphones and and here is my thought on it:

– Payload:
The gimbal has a payload of 0.8 to 3.9 lb (0.35 to 1.8 Kg). I was able to use it with my Sony HDR-XR520 which weigh about 654g with lens. With this camera I am able to do pretty much everything without an issue even when the display of it was open. Same with my phone and GoPro (more on these two later under accessories – quick release plate). My full frame Nikon D3S which is about 1.42Kg for body and the battery. The stabilizer could handle this camera when I attach the smaller portrait lens that I have since it weighs about 280g but not with my telephoto lens as that one will be too heavy with it weigh being 810g as this lens with my camera weigh more than 1.8g but not with the smaller lens. Thus, before buying just make sure your camera, its battery, and its lens all weigh bellow 3.9lbs or 1.8Kg.

– Modes:
1) [Pan] Follow[ing] Mode: (Single click the mode button): In this mode the gimbal pans left and right smoothly when you turn your hand towards left and right. In this mode the tilt and roll axes are locked. But with the joystick you can manually tilt the camera up and down as well. This is the default mode when you turn on the gimbal.
2) Lock[ing] Mode (Single click the mode button): In this mode the camera stays still in the same position as it is when the gimbal is turned on. All the axis are locked (from automatically moving) but with the joystick you can tilt up and down and pan left and right.
3) Following [or Full] Mode (Double click the mode button): In this mode the camera pans and tilts following the movement of the gimbal. The joystick also allows you to tilt the camera towards left and right sides.

The Quick Release Plate: Allows me to also balance the camera. Due to its weigh of 138g anything can be mounted on the stabilizer that is super light such as a cellphone, GoPro, etc. as it helps in the balancing of the stabilizer when extra weight is needed for optimal stabilization.

– APPs:
(1) Zhiyun Assistant: This is my favorite app. In this app you can see the gimbal battery status and the status and degree of each of the 3 axis as well as control the gimbal, switch between gimbal modes, calibrate the gimbal, and access to all the settings that you can access via the windows software. The camera feature of the app has HDR feature, and bunch of settings such as object tracking, photo/video resolution, GPS tagging, stabilization, screen highlight, audio control, ISO, white balance, and exposure. (*) You can purchase a phone mount to flash shoe mount (or Hot Shoe to 1/4 threat screw for anything that accept the screw) and fix the smartphone on top of the camera and point the phone to the same direction as the camera (e.g. facing forward) and as the phone camera is goes to object tracking it can track the object and move the camera in the same direction as the object. This way you can indirectly use the object tracking feature of this gimbal for your camera when it’s needed. But keep in mind that the added height of the phone and the camera might prevent the gimbal from some movements if the top of the phone touches the the pan axix arm. (**) The remote control feature allows you to control the mode/axis on the gimbal via your smarphone which is great if the gimbal is attached to a longer monopod and accessing the joystick is not easy (you can find one of those clip-on phone mounts for monopods and attach the phone on the monopod where you can easily touch it).
(2) ZY Play: This app is good for basic functionalities of picture and video taking on smartphone (if you have a phone mount to 1/4 screw)
(3) Zhiyun Camera: In this app you can use the Face Tracking feature which follows faces on the camera app (see above under Zhiyun assistant (*) for indirectly use it fpr your camera).

– Object (or Face) Tracking:
The gimbal has the support object tracking via it’s app which uses smartphone camera so essentially it can be set on the tripod and by selecting (drawing a square on) an object the gimbal can flow the object (ASSUMING: you mount the smart phone on your camera flash shoe [see above under Zhiyun Assistant (*)]). The face tracking feature follows any face so in the same manner it follows faces without selecting any of the faces.


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5 Creative camera jib (mini crane) tricks |

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Camera jibs (or mini-cranes) are awesome tools for cinematic shots. In this video we share 5 creative tips and tricks to take your jib techniques to the next level.

We got the iFootage M1-III crane and decided to make a tricks and tips video about it. When using your creativity, we found out there’s a lot more to do than just moving up, down, left and right.

In the first trick we let the camera point to the opposite side, where the mini crane operator stands. But instead, we’ll place the actor/actress there. We now get a nice POV shot from an different actor standing on the other side.

The next trick is rather simpel, but gives great results. We’ll let the actress come in from the side. The actress is looking to an area the camera can’t see yet. But as she starts moving again, we follow her movement and reveal the area she was looking at.

In the third trick we position the camera above the actress who’s laying down on the ground. Now, we push down the jib from a long shot to a close up. This creates an effect where the actress could receive an idea from the heaven 🙂

The fourth trick closes in on the actress to create a dramatic isolated shot. Rather than making big movements with the jib, you want to make small but aggressive movements and keep your actress in a medium shot while she’s doing an action.

And in the last trick, our actress will find a camera laying on the ground. AS she pick it up, she puts the camera perfectly stable to make a selfie. This can only be done with a tilt head on the end of your jib. The magic happens when the viewer sees the camera go from handheld to fix.

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This 10 Easy Steps Will Make Your Video More CINEMATIC

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This 10 Easy Steps Will Make Your Video More CINEMATIC
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Camera Crane Jib Hire For Wedding Videography Cinematography London

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Just some of the exciting stuff we have been up to in the past six months. All footage was shot with a Canon 5DMK2 or MK3. We also have available a Sony FS700, Canon C100, Sony PMW-EX1 or Sony HVR-Z5 that can be rigged up to our crane. Rates may vary depending on camera required.

To hire a camera crane including operator for your next video project call Yas on 07779 429 411 or [email protected]

Christening Cinematography and videography

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A beautiful christening filmed in Cyprus.

Camera Crane Jib Hire For Wedding Video Videography Cinematography

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All footage was taken with a Canon 5d Mk2.

To hire a camera crane/jib including operator for your next wedding video project just call Yas on 07779 429 411 or email [email protected]

Cameras available include Sony PMW EX1, Sony HVR-Z5 and Canon 5d Mk2 with various lenses.

Camera Movement

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There is all sorts of fun equipment that can help you move the camera. Tools like dollies, stabilizers, and boom arms have been giving us unique perspectives for years. We show you how to use each one of these tools in a way that will make your video look spectacular. To watch the entire video, please visit To learn more about video equipment, read our free report “Best Types of Lightweight Tripods for Cameras” at

10 creative camera slider tips with the Konova slider |

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– A camera slider can do much more than you think. Find out 10 amazing tricks with the Konova slider to bring your shots to a higher cinematic

I never leave my office without my Konova camera slider. It’s one of the most versatile tools to bring cinematic movement to your shots. After using it for more than 3 years, I still find new creative techniques.
The camera slider works best in combination with a photo tripod head since it has a 3-axis rotation. This means, we can position the slider slanting and recreate the movements of a jib or crane.

I found these techniques during the many video productions I’ve done with the Konova slider. I do not bind myself to the usual shots, I always seek for something new. Sometimes the shot is a total disaster, but very often I get surprised by the amazing camera movement my slider can do. A main problem I see with many photographers is that they always want to see a good composition or camera frame. But when it comes down to sliding from point A to point B, your point A doesn’t always have to be so perfect. It can start from total darkness or objects that are out of focus. What matters is how your point B will look like. The slider movement within will make the magic happen to have your final shot shine like a masterpiece.

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