Webinar – Microsoft: Donated, Discounted, and Cloud Products Made Clear 2018-04-20

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Learn about the most recent updates to Microsoft and how you can make the most of Microsoft’s donated, discounted and cloud products.

Esenvalds | The Cloud | Austin Cantorum

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Live video recording of Austin Cantorum singing Eriks Esenvalds’ The Cloud.

Performed live at Good Shepherd Episcopal Church – Austin, TX
May 25

Austin Cantorum
Cristian Cantu, Artistic Director
Brian and Michel Kennell, Video Engineers
William Konitzer, Audio Engineer

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WP TV Exclusive – The Bethel Glory Cloud

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In this exclusive excerpt from WP TV, Darren reveals the clips of the Bethel glory cloud from 2011 that were originally intended to accompany his film, Father of Lights, but for various reasons were left on the cutting room floor.

WP TV contains everything Darren has ever created, as well as an ever-growing list of exclusive content like this, both from years past and from current productions. Support WP Films through WP TV at WPFILMS.TV today!

Kendra + Jamie | On Cloud Woody with Glitter Donuts

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#oncloudwoody with Glitter Donuts – is all about Kendra and Jamie who had such an amazing wedding in Scottsdale Arizona. This couple and their family are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. The 52 ford featured in this wedding was in her sister’s wedding and has been past through the family through many generations. Glitter Donuts….. yes please! Best wedding cake idea ever 😀 It was such an honor to travel from Colorado to film their big day!

Cloud Phone System vs. On Premises Phone System – What’s Best for Your Business?

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Servicemark Telecom proudly introduces UNIVERGE BLUE, a cloud based phone system that offers big enterprise technology to businesses of all sizes. UNIVERGE BLUE is NEC’s newest service which encompasses NEC’s existing Univerge Cloud Services. UNIVERGE BLUE offers more flexibility when picking a “Hosted” or “Cloud” based phone system.

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