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Metro Detroit traveling newborn, baby, child and family photographer. Specializing in Newborns, babies, children & family.

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Meagan Baker Photography, Vancouver’s Child and Family Photographer

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Behind the scenes of a child and family photo session with Meagan Baker Photography. Get a glimpse of what a session is all about, meet the artist and discover the relaxed and fun experience of a portrait session. Vancouver Child Photographer, Vancouver Family Photographer. Get more info and book your session at

Child, Family and Couple Photography with Tracie Maglosky

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Olympus Trailblazer Tracie Maglosky walks you through all the steps to creating her beautiful style. She discusses the many types of portraiture including children, families, and couples. Tracie shares personal tips and recommendations on the fine art of posing a large family.

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Tracie Maglosky Photography

Can Photography End Child Labor?

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In 1916, photographer Lewis Wickes Hine helped put a stop to child labor in America by documenting young children in the workforce. See how photographers today are trying to do the same in Bangladesh and beyond.

This weekly storytelling series uses the imagery of photographers and adventurers around the world to give us a deeper connection to and understanding of the human condition.

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kids photography ideas and poses | child model photoshoot

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In this behind the scenes photoshoot i did kids photography using various ideas and poses.beginners will have an ideas how to photograph kids in small photo studio.Must watch hindi tutorial for beginner photographer.

#KidsPhotography #KidsPhotoshootIdeas #ChildPhotography #PhotographyIdeas


This is the gear used for creating this video!



Macbook Pro

Nikon D7200

Nikon AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G Prime Lens

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Photographer sentenced to six to 20 years in prison on child porn charges

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Photographer sentenced to six to 20 years in prison on child porn charges

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Father. Photographer. Child Pornographer?

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In April 2014 photographer Wyatt Neumann went on a two week road trip with his two year old daughter Stella. Over the course of the trip Neumann photographed his daughter in various locations, sometimes with clothes on, sometimes without. He posted the photos to Instagram and aroused the interest of a blog called Get Off My Internets that made it their mission of the moment to get Neumann’s Instagram account shut down. Within 24 hours it had worked, and Neumann’s Instagram account (and Facebook) was temporarily shut down. In response, Neumann created a show at SOHO’s Safari Gallery displaying his photographs, which he considers both art, and part of his freedom of expression. He calls the exhibit “I Feel Sorry for Your Children: The Sexualization of Innocence in America.” His mission is to create a discourse between people on both freedom of expression as well as how society tends to sexualize the natural acts of children.

4 Expert Tips for Child Photography by Elena Shumilova

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Last year, Elena Shumilova took photos of her sons by the Russian countryside and put them online. Those photos struck magic and went viral with over 60 million views. She invited SmugMug onto her farm in Russia, where we got a behind-the-scenes look at how she captures these beautifully nostalgic photos.

Produced by SmugMug ( the safe, beautiful home for your photos, as part of the SmugMug Film series.

Cinematography: Anton Lorimer
Translated Voiceover: Kerry Ellis

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Cotton Mill Girl: Behind Lewis Hine’s Photograph & Child Labor Series | 100 Photos | TIME

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Lewis Hine’s photograph of a girl at work in a cotton mill, part of his monumental series on child labor, forced Americans to reckon with their economic exploitation of youth.
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Cotton Mill Girl: Behind Lewis Hine’s Photograph & Child Labor Series | 100 Photos | TIME

If it were not FILMED, no one would BELIEVE IT | Videos you will not believe

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Moments You Wouldn’t Believe if They Weren’t Recorded

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