10 Building Collapses Caught On Camera

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Top 10 building collapses caught on camera.

From Nigerian churches collapsing due to UFOs, to landslides wiping out cities, we count down 10 building collapses caught on camera. In 2014 pastor T B Joshua spotted a UFO flying over his church in Nigeria. Shortly after this the building collapsed. On the 30th of September 2012, the facade of a four story building completely collapsed in Brooklyn, New York. On the 12th of november 2014, two buildings collapsed in the town of Wirral in Liverpool, England. On the 20th of November 2014, a woman in a car chase with police veered off the road. She crashed into a century old building in Kansas City causing it to fall down, creating a thick cloud of dust along the road. In August of 2015 a 3 story building collapsed in Nazimabad, Pakistan. The buildings were in the commercial area of Gol market, despite being new, residential apartments. On the 27th of febuary 2012, a 5 story apartment block collapsed in a Russian city. In 2009, Duzkoy, Turkey was hit with awful landslides. These landslides proved to be chatostropic for buildings in the area, as well as the path of the landslides themselves. One sad video captures a man looking in despair as his home is destroyed by the landslide right in front of him. In Decmber of 2015 Shenzhen, China faced landslides. Many videos were released by average people of debris and waste, piled high destroying buildings. In April of 2012, four 5 story apartments had just been built in the Bessoba region of Kazakhstan. Shortly after being built, they collapsed. Days before the collapse, some residents noticed large cracks beginning to appear on the buildings corners, leading some to move out.

Church, Nigeria
Four-Story Building, New York
Two Buildings, Liverpool
100-Year-Old Building, Kansas City
Apartments, Pakistan
Apartments, Russia
House, Turkey
Landslides, China
New Apartments, Kazakhstan

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10 Weird Things Caught on Security Cameras

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Top 10 Weird Things Caught on Security Cameras
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the top 10 Weird Things Caught on Security Cameras! Here are some of the most scariest and funny things ever to be caught on tape and camera through the use of surveillance camera footage!

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CAUGHT ON TAPE: Church collapses during 2nd alarm fire, Spring Valley

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SPRING VALLEY – March 18, 2016

Address:  500 Grand Ave, Spring Valley
Agencies:  San Miguel FD, Calfire, Heartland FD, CHP, Sheriff
Interviews:  Calfire Fire Chief Tony Mecham
Dispatch Time:  9:36 PM by Heartland Fire

Devastating Mexico earthquake caught on camera

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A deadly magnitude 8.2 earthquake strikes off Mexico’s coast, shaking buildings and sending people running into the streets. The epicenter was 76 miles southwest of the town of Pijijiapan in the southern state of Chiapas, and at a depth of 21 miles.

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Armed Robbery Caught CCTV Attempting To Invade Home | CCTV Footage USA

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Armed Robbery Caught CCTV Attempting To Invade Home | CCTV Footage USA
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Giant owl caught in Texas” Great Horned Owl” or the “lechuza”CAPTURED In Carrizo Springs Texas!!

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Since childhood Ive heard of this owl. Living in San Antonio texas it was always heard of a massive white owl named the ” Lechuza” I never believed the legend of course till I seen it face to face. On a bridge beside a soccer field near my home. Of course no one believed me and now evidence shows I wasn’t lying. I would say this bird was over four feet in height and had a wingspan of over eight feet. This was the year 1996. One day I seen him flying over my house so I followed him on my bike to an old empty water tower in front of a church where he entered. And there I found he wasn’t alone.. Me and this creature have a long history of running in to each other. He also tried to attack me and my girlfriend while we were sitting in my car at least ten years after the first time I seen him. I always associate him with a curse that follows me around, because soon after I see him something bad always happens such as car accidents, bad breakup, family issues, imprisonment, and other weird shit. But maybe he’s just trying to warn me. But I will never forget that encounter. I was 15yrs old when I first saw him and the last time I saw him or one of his kin, was January 2015 behind my girlfriends apt. where she also witnessed him. I’m 36yrs old now!! Im currently writing a book on him..

Large Red Orb Caught On Video From Henderson

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I shot this video in Las Vegas, Nevada on the night of April 22, 2018.

This was an amazing and special night for a number of reasons. It was the first time I met my new friend Christian from “ADVENTURES With Christian” on YouTube and it was my first time traveling over to Henderson so I could try and get closer to the UFOs I have been filming in that area for about four years. My expectations weren’t high because the window of time we spent there was not huge but in this case, Christian and I could not have picked a better time because of what we caught. The most amazing catch was a red orb that wasn’t illuminated and was moving around near some large metal power lines that come from Hoover Dam. This was the first time I think I have captured an object that wasn’t illuminated and where it can be seen visually. What a great bonus to find when I got home and began looking at the video. I never noticed the red orb while I was filming because it blended in with the mountain behind it. A special thanks to my new buddy Christian. Hopefully, he and I can unite the adventure seeking with UFO hunting in the future.

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