Chennai ladies hostel hidden camera case | Sanjeev’s shocking Laptop contents and details

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Chennai ladies hostel hidden camera case | Sanjeev’s shocking Laptop contents and details

Review and Install 1519 lid organizer for 1510 pelican videographers case

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I review and install the lid organizer (part # 1519) in my 1510 pelican case. The best Videographer / Filmmaker bag that you can buy. It’s durable, easy to move and keep everything organized.

The Best camera case:

Video Review filmed, edited and made by Andres Villegas

My PC setup:
Main Video card:
The only Tablet I use:
My Headphone:
Main Camera:
Main Lens:
Lens Adaptor:
Camera Cage:
The Mic I use:
The Best camera case:
My second Camera case:
My monopod:
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NEW DETAILS on Tekashi 6ix9ine FBI Case! They Got them on CAMERA!

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Aight so Boom, the official indictment has been Released for Tekashi 6ix9ine. He is officially booked for Racketeering and Firearm charges along with 5 others. If convicted, the minimum sentence he faces of 32 years. During court today Tekashi was dressed in a yellow outfit, and rainbow hair in pigtails both hands and feet in shackles. Us Attorney Michael Longyear labels 6ix9ine as Quite Violent, and he’s facing a significant term of incarceration. The feds actually charged 5 people, 6ix9ine, Shottie, the Security Guard who was shot at Phillipes, the Shooter During the Barclays incident including Casanova, and THIS surprises me Mel Murda, if u followed the Bird Gang back in the day u remember Mel from BK. During the 17 page indictment, mind you they have been building this case since 2013. They say this crew would make moves for power, territory, and profits. They told all types of work, from Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx. On April 3rd, Shotti seen in this picture was seen Robbing rivals while Tekashi69 recorded the whole incident from the SUV outside. A few months after, 6ix9ine and crew fired up a Cookout and hit a inkccdent bystandered in the foot (This person will testify in this case) in September the boys raised 6ix9ine apartment on Kingston Ave in Brooklyn and recorded this AR fifteen
And the backpack which was stolen back in April. During this 6ix9ines lawyer argues that 6ix9ine has no relationship with group other than legal business. once his music career took off, he hired these guys for security. As you know 6ix9ine fired his whole management crew about a week before getting locked up. According to a WIRETAP, two of these guys arrested want to “Super Violate Him” so this really could of get bad for tekashi. Sunday night they arrested 6ix9ine when he was about to go to the Foxwoods Casino….. He was denied bond, because the judge wasn’t convinceed that 6ix9ine wouldnt be a flight risk….

Listen man, from what it seems, the FEDS tied everyone on similar charges for someone to snitch on someone within the crew. What do I think about this, I think Tekashi was the bread winner and think he’s homies was jus looking out for him. Think about the incident back in April, why would 6ix9ine have the backpack that was taken that day unless the rivals took the bag from 6ix9ine in the first place. This is crazy, because what its look like is they are making 6ix9ine look like the leader of the whole operation. He has 1.3 million in 3 bank accounts and from what it seems like 6ix9ine was ordering the moves….
Hes due back in Court Tuesday to ask for bail. Lets talk about this in the comments I’m in the news with. SUBSCRIBE to our Channel by Clicking here: (Turn on Bell Notifications)

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Should I take photographs of my injuries and the accident scene in a Florida slip and fall case?

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Should I take photographs of my injuries and the accident scene in a Florida slip and fall case? | Law Offices of Christopher Parker-Cyrus | | (407) 274-2598 | 390 N. Orange Avenue, Suite 2300, Orlando, Florida 32801

You should definitely take photographs of your injuries and the accident scene. Photographs can be some of the most important evidence later, whether your case is settled prior to having a trial, or whether you have a trial. That’s because if you have photographs of the injuries, you can show exactly what they look like at the time. By the time the case is settled later, even before filing a lawsuit and certainly after, the injuries will probably have healed, so you won’t be able to see them in the same detail as when it occurred.

Also, as far as the accident scene, certainly, in most cases the accident scene will disappear very quickly. By having photos, you have very important evidence for whether it’s pre-suit for the insurance company, to show to the adjuster, for the mediation, for the trial. Definitely take all the photographs you can of your injuries. Even video would be good and also the accident scene.

Camera Records Wife Allegedly Hiring Hit Man to Kill Husband: Part 2

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“There’s no changing,” Dalia Dippolito is heard telling an undercover officer. “I’m positive, like 5000 percent.”