VJ Ken Talks Malawian Videography, Fall-out With Waxy Kay, His 2018 UMP Award & More MMC Podcast #23

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VJ Ken Talks His Genesis in Videography, Fall-out With Waxy Kay, His 2018 UMP Award & More

James’s photography award ceremony

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With this year coming to an end and Christmas in 2 days i want to wish everyone a merry Christmas. Looking back at this year has had its ups and downs. I look forward to the new year and close this chapter of my life. James graduates this may. So i have alot of preparation to do. Im very proud of how far he has come and not giving up like so many of us would have done if we fell off a bridge and shattered both ankles. He makes me proud. And in inspiration.

Fog Machine Landscape Photography (We won an award for this!) – Smoke Machine

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Landscape Photography ideas with a Fog machine – how we won an Epson Pano Award from this photoshoot using just a smoke machine.

How to make fog with a fog machine to create sunbeams and sun rays through the fog for photography. Here are the steps needed for how to make fog using a fog machine diy.

1. Rent a fog machine
2. Rent a generator and a long extension cord
3. Find a great forested location with tall trees
4. Get permission to use the fog machine
5. Get help from a friend. You can’t do this alone
6. Wait for a sunny day with no wind.

Start your generator and fog machine and make some fog! Walk around with the fog machine so the fog is evenly distributed on the left and right sides of the frame. You don’t want more fog on one side compared to the other. Take lots of photos. When the fog disperses, start the machine back up and make some more fog.

Don’t be afraid to chase the fog as it moves with the breeze. I should note that the fog from these machines is water based and is safe to breathe. This same type of fog is used on move sets for special effects and actors work around it all the time.

The final image from this photo shoot was a high definition panorama. I submitted it to the 2018 Epson Pano Awards and it won a silver award! So if you want to win yourself a photography award, then give this a try. The rays of light created by fog make for fantastic photos.

#fogmachine #sunrays #landscapephotography

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Meet the 2018 New Generation Photography Award Winners

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Learn more about the three winners of the inaugural New Generation Photography Award. See their work in a group exhibition, on view at the Canadian Photography Institute PhotoLab of the National Gallery of Canada from April 13 to August 18, 2018.

Syngenta Photography Award: Rural-Urban

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Photography reaches beyond language. It communicates across boundaries, cultures, and different perceptions of the world.

The 2012/13 Syngenta Photography Award explores the relationship and tensions between rural and urban environments:
· Over half of the world’s population now lives in urban areas.
· Yet rural spaces provide the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat.
· With competition for land, natural resources, and labor increasing, balancing these tensions is critical.

Syngenta invites you to be part of a creative dialogue about our changing planet.
For more information and to enter, see

Another Face Of China || Award Winning Chinese Photographer Lu Guang || Unknown Facts Tamil

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Jeremy Fokkens – Award Winning Photographer – The Ambition Project Ep 7

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Jeremy Fokkens is an internationally published and award winning photographer based out of Calgary, Alberta. 

In this interview we talk about how he went from traveling the world and dancing on a cruise ship to becoming a photographer. We talk about how photographers can set themselves apart in the industry and the importance of taking on passion projects. We also discuss Jeremy’s ideas on how photographers should price themselves and the importance of providing and demonstrating value. We hope you enjoy this interview and subscribe to the Symbol Syndication YouTube channel for future episodes of the series. 

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The best wedding videographers – IOV Award Winners – WeddingTV

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Your chance to see the Institute of Videography’s top 5 wedding videographers of the year.

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This 10-Yr-Old From Jalandhar Won The Young Wildlife Photographer Of The Year 2018 Award

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10-year-old Arshdeep Singh from Jalandhar, Punjab has scripted history by winning the prestigious Young Wildlife Photographer of The Year (Asia) Award, for his stunning snap titled ‘Pipe Owls’.

James Nachtwey – War Photographer – 2003 Peabody Award Acceptance Speech

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Winner 2003 | Christian Frei Filmproductions, in association with Swiss National Television and Suissimage, Cinemax

As disturbing photographs come home from Baghdad, Mosul, and Tikrit, we sometimes ask ourselves: Who is the person on the other side of the lens? War Photographer is a startling portrait of Pulitzer Prize winner James Nachtwey, one of the world’s most respected practitioners. This documentary follows him for two years as he photographs wars in Indonesia, Kosovo, and the Middle East, taking us deep inside the dangerous, demanding, and often lonely world of this renowned photojournalist. Surrounded by violence, chaos, and death, Nachtwey, who has photographed every war in the past 20 years, risks his own life for publishable photographs. Brought to television by Executive Producer Shiela Nevins (Cinemax) and Producers Lisa Heller and Julie Anderson (Cinemax), War Photographer was produced, directed, and edited by filmmaker Christian Frei. Frei’s film follows Nachtwey as he captures image after image from the war-torn regions of the world. Commenting on his extreme up-close approach to taking pictures of a distraught or grieving family, Nachtwey reflects on how moral codes are suspended in wartime: “Its simply impossible to photograph moments like those without the complicity of the people I’m photographing. They realize they are the victims of some kind of injustice, and by allowing me there to photograph it, they’re making their own appeal to the outside world, and to everyone”s sense of right and wrong.” For putting us behind the lens with James Nachtwey, a Peabody Award goes to War Photographer.


Winner 2014 Videographer Award – Silk Theory – Puri Sari Fashion Boutique

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a video profile for Fashion Videography for Puri Sari Boutique
www.dekkophotography.com [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] @dekkomotionpicture @dekkophotography
beautyful wedding and prewedding destination in bali with @dekkomotionpicture @dekkophotography

Alfred Fried Photography Award 2014

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The Alfred Fried Photography Award 2014 www.friedaward.com
Awarded for the world’s best picture on the theme of peace

The Alfred Fried Photography Award was established in 2013 by the Photographische Gesellschaft (phg) and ­Edition Lammerhuber and presented for the first time on 5 November 2013 in the rooms of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

It sets out to emphasize the value of peace for our coexistence in a good life by choosing the world’s best picture on the theme of peace – best in terms of creativity, journalism or content. The best picture on the theme of peace for the Alfred Fried Photography Award is the one with the most striking answer to the question: What does peace look like?

The Award is named after Alfred Hermann Fried, an Austrian pacifist and author who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1911.
The Award is presented in his memory and spirit.

The Alfred Fried Photography Award is open to entrants from across the world. Access is free in every sense of the word,
for artists, professionals and amateurs.

The Jury judges anonymously and separately, using a point system to arrive at a shortlist of 21 works.
The Jury then meets to reach a collective decision on the five winners, each of whom receives an Alfred Fried Medal.
Out of these five, one entry is selected as Peace Photo of the Year.