Father Steven Scheier judgment experience SECOND interview with Mother Angelica

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Mother Angelica 2nd Interview with Father Steven Scheier
If you noticed, Fr. Steven Scheier’s terrible accident happened October 18, the ANNIVERSARY OF OUR LADY’S FIRST MESSAGE OF GARABANDAL, given to the four girls, Conchita, Loli, Jacinta, and Mari Cruz:

“Many SACRIFICES must be made. Much PENANCE must be done. We must pay many visits to the BLESSED SACRAMENT, BUT first of all we must be VERY GOOD. If we do not do this, PUNISHMENT awaits us. Already THE CUP IS FILLING, and if we do not change WE SHALL BE PUNISHED.”

Angelica {+} Joe, Lovington/Hobbs, NM (Traditional Mexican Wedding)

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This beautiful Mexican wedding was steeped in tradition, with many symbols, including el lazo, or the lasso, that the couple wound around their shoulders to signify their union, the arras, 13 gold coins that the groom presents to the bride, the mariachi band and the many traditional dances during the reception. Joe and Angelica exchanged their vows, through teary eyes, within the walls of Angelica’s childhood church in Lovington, NM. The lively, reception was held at the Lea County Event center in Hobbs, where this expansive arena was transformed under a silky tent. Exquisite flowers were brought in from Mexico by the bride’s aunt and a second aunt of the brides made the gorgeous wedding cake. The unique way in which the bouquet and garter was tossed was something I had never seen before. It’s called La Vibora de la Mar. Joe and Angelica formed a bridge with ribbon for their guests to duck under and at the end of this traditional wedding song, the bride threw her bouquet and the groom the garter. Joe and Angelica, what an amazing couple the two of you are. We had a blast getting to know you guys and a wonderful time in Southern New Mexico!! You are such a sweet couple and we wish you all the best!!