AMKOV CDC7 1080P Cute Purple Digital Video Camera for Kids

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Here is a video to show main features of the camera and how to use it.

The kids video camera support real 720P and interpolated 1080P video recording. And it have ohoto frame built-in and support TV-out, which means, you could play back photos and videos on TV.

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$121 Cheap Vlogging Camera AMKOV AMK R2 –

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The AMKOV CDR2 Digital Camera features 24MP photo shooting and 1080P video recording plus 4X zoom, which enables you to record every beautiful moment in your life. Rotatable 3 inch TFT screen for better viewing and it equips with many other functions, like face beauty, face detect, anti-shake. What’s more, you can set the scene modes and shooting effect according to your needs. A retractable flashlight helps you to shoot better in dark environment. The 52mm lens screw connection allows you to equip wide angle lens or teleconverter. I’ll recommend this for those who are looking for a cheap and affordable camera if you are a new You Tuber. This camera may not have a high quality. So, you’ll get what you pay for. I will not recommend this camera for a professional photographer or if you are into an expensive high-quality camera.
Bundled item – Yunteng Tripod
Rotatable 3-inch TFT Screen – 180 degree rotatable, so you can do the multi-angle shoot.
24MP Pixel Photo Shooting – You can get clearer, more natural and more vivid images.
Full HD 1080P Video Recording – Makes video recording more smooth and greatly reduces ghosting.
4X Zoom – With 4X zoom, the photos you take and the video you record will be more vivid and clear.
Facial Beauty Function – Take beautiful pictures of yourself, improving picture quality.
Facial Identify Function – Auto-detect and trace face to ensure the perfect display of color and clarify.
Electronic Anti-Shake Function – Through the photographing process, effectively avoid the shakiness for sports to ensure the clarity and stability of the image to get a smooth effect.
52mm Lens Screw Connection – Can be equipped with wide-angle lens, UV lens, and teleconverter lens, etc. (52mm)
Ergonomic Design – Give you a comfortable feeling in the hand.
Multi-Scenes Set – Sport, nightscape, figure, scene, backlight, party, beach, etc.
AMKOV AMK-R2 Digital Cameras Camcorders DSLR +Wide Angle Telephoto Lens Tripod

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In Depth : Amkov AMK5000S Action Camera Review Video, Audio, Image test

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Full Amkov 5000S review + raw videos and images

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In this video I would like to present to you all the features of Amkov AMK5000S action camera. I will also review it and test out its video, audio, image and overall performance.

Video Time Table (skip to the part you are most interested in)
-Amkov 5000S overview 1:20
-Difference between 5000 and 5000s 0:20
-Accessories (Whats inside the box?) 3:55
– Camera design (GoPro Hero 3 copy?) 5:10
– Buttons, ports and outside functions 6:05
– Amkov Amk5000s Lens and Sensor 7:58
– LCD Display Good or not? 8:10
– Sound Test (1080 and 720p) 13:43
– Photography Test 15:34
– WiFi App (Amkov App Amkov I-Cam) 18:39
– Review Summary 24:55

I forgot to mention in the video, though its probably obvious that sound on this camera is great compared to many other. It is one of the features that surprised me the most, but yet I failed to mention it, sorry about that 🙂

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