Unrest affects vistor numbers to world’s oldest working Christian monestary

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St. Catherine, Sinai, Egypt, 14 January 2014
1. Mid of the monastery
2. Wide of the monastery
3. Wide of a mosaic wall at the entrance of the monastery
4. Close of a painting of St. Catherine’s hand, pan up to a close of her face
5. Wide of a tempera painting on wood of St. Catherine in the monastery’s museum
6. Mid of a painted drape showing the angels taking St. Catherine to Mount Sinai
7. Wide of Father Justin walking in the monastery
8. SOUNDBITE (English) Father Justin, Monastery librarian
“We have the original dedication to the burning bush, to the prophet Moses, to the prophet Elijah, the later dedication to the transfiguration but because the relics of St. Catherine were brought to the church here after her martyrdom many pilgrims came here from the West purely out of veneration for St. Catherine and they’re the ones who began calling the monastery St. Catherine’s monastery. The formal name of the monastery is still the sacred and imperial monastery of the God Trodden Mount of Sinai but the popular name is St. Catherine’s monastery.”
AP Television
St Catherine, Sinai, Egypt, 15 January 2014
9. Wide of tourists entering the monastery
10. Mid of tourists entering the monastery’s church
AP Television
St Catherine, Sinai, Egypt, 14 January 2014
11. Wide of the apse in the church
12. Wide inside the church before the crowd comes in
13. Wide of a corridor inside the church, a monk walks past
14. SOUNDBITE: (English) Father Justin, Monastery librarian:
“We can have five hundred Russians here every single day and all of them know of the veneration of imperial Russia for St. Catherine. We have many gifts given by the emperors and empresses of Russia and even if they don’t know much about the monastery when they come here, they see these imperial donations, they realise that Sinai is a place where Russians have been coming for centuries and they have an enthusiasm for the place. So they all come here because it is a place of Russian pilgrimage, but also out of love for St. Catherine.”
AP Television
St. Catherine, Sinai, Egypt, 15 January 2014
15. Wide inside the church
16. Mid of an icon of St. Catherine, two Russian tourists step in
17. Mid of the apse in the church dedicated to Jesus Christ pan down to mid of two tourists praying
18. Wide of monks and tourists during the church service
19. Wide of Russian orthodox tourists queuing to see what is believed to be St. Catherine’s mummified hand
20. Mid of Russian orthodox tourists looking at St Catherine’s hand
21. Close of St. Catherine’s hand
22. Close of St. Catherine’s hand
23. Wide of tourists leaving the church after venerating the hand
24. Wide inside the church after the veneration of St. Catherine
25. Wide of the exterior of the church
26. Wide outside the monastery, tourists walk past souvenirs that local Bedouin are selling
27. Wide outside the monastery as tourists enter the site
28. Close of St. Catherine’s face on an icon in the museum
29. Mid of an icon of St. Catherine
A well known Egyptian monastery is one of many attractions that has seen tourism fall due to the ongoing political unrest.
St. Catherine’s Monastery in the South Sinai has a rich history, with many important multicultural icons and works of art on display.
A UNESCO World Heritage site, Saint Catherine’s Monastery lies at the foot of Mount Sinai in the Egyptian region of the South Sinai.
Founded in the 6th century, it is described by UNESCO as “the oldest Christian monastery still in use for its initial function”.
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