Best Vertical Video Camera Accessory | Andoer Z Stand Review

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Vertical Video can be tricky, but this budget camera accessory from Andoer could help you step into the world of Vertical Video for only £20!

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iPhone 360-Degree Video Camera Accessory!

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Hey guys in this video i am going to show you iPhone 360-Degree Video Camera Accessory…

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cheap camera accessory for photographer & filmmaker | Proaim Magic Arm

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cheap camera accessory for photographers & filmmakers | Proaim Magic Arm In 2100 In Hindi

In this video i reviewed an articulated magic arm by the brand “proaim”. Its a camera support accessory which can be used to mount different accessories like, microphone, speedlite, mirrorless cameras, mid size DSLR cameras, LED lights etc. It very tinny in size & can be very useful tool for travel filmmakers, youtubers, content creators & wedding photographers & cinematographers. In this video i have used it with my Sony A6000 with other camera accessories however it can also handle canon 80d + canon 10-18mm lens. Its very cheap camera accessory which offer so many functionality in very cheap cost.

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Every Photographer needs this Accessory

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Tripod is a must accessory for every photographer and here is some advice what to look for when choosing a tripod.
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