How to Pick a Wedding Photographer | Part 1| What is Your Style?

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Do you feel overwhelmed with picking your wedding photographer? 🙄 Who wouldn’t? How do you even start the conversation? What should i be aware of? We wanted to start this series for the brides who really don’t know what to ask or look for in a good photographer. Part 1 of this series is directed at finding your style of photography:

🔆1. Shooting Style:
a. Photo Journalistic (1:13)
b. Posed (1:47)
c. Hybrid Shooting Style (2:13)

🔆2. Editing style:
a. True to Color (3:16)
b. Light and Airy (3:38)
c. Oversaturated (4:17)
d. Dark and Moody (4:51)

🔆3. Lighting style
a. Natural Light (5:36)
b. Off Camera Flash (6:15)
c. Hybrid Lighting Style (6:39)

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