This GOOGLE PIXEL 3 Camera APP Will CHANGE Your ANDROID Smartphone

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Google pixel 3 camera app can be installed on almost any android smartphone, and that completely changes the game ! Before i knew about this pixel camera port, i was filled with regret about my switch from an iphone 6 to the samsung s9 +, simply because android phones don’t take good photos. Well, except for google pixel phones. And with the launch of Google pixel 3 came camera ports that can be installed to your android smartphone, and the results are staggering.

Check out the sample photos between the Google pixel 3 camera app and the native Samsung s9 + camera app here! :

Download the app here:

Now it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, this app was specifically made for the google pixel phones and their cameras hardware. This means that the photos are not exactly like they would be from a pixel 3 camera. ALSO, the apps do crash and there are bugs here and there. But to be honest i would choose the google pixel camera app over the native samsung camera app every single time !