Top 5 Scary Unsolved Mysteries Caught On Camera

Top 5 Scary Unsolved Mysteries Caught On Camera

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Top 5 Scary Unsolved Mysteries Caught On Camera
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Top 5 Scariest Mysteries Solved By The Internet

In the age of YouTube, it’s hard not to keep things out of the public eye — particularly the weird goings on in the world. And when a mystery comes a long that just can’t be solved it often finds its way onto the streaming platform for theorists to take a jab out. So today on Top 5 Scary Videos we have compiled a list of some of the Scariest Unsolved Mysteries Caught On Camera.

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27 thoughts on “Top 5 Scary Unsolved Mysteries Caught On Camera”

  1. so what is with that asian women that was found dead in a water tank of the hotel she was staying in?
    the video of that gives me chills
    just looked it up again her name was Elisa Lam
    thats one of the most terrifying videos ive ever seen

  2. Did anyone else notice the lady by the luggage carts almost seemed to be waiting for him to run by to start moving and seemed a little hurried to get going. It also kind of looks like a costume….

  3. I have been posting about the people/government after me. It seems no one cares though. Hope my family and I don’t go missing. We already had to flee the US and become refugees in Canada. I post on Twitter link is on my YouTube page.

  4. Hey I know this is late but it involves the scp videos what if scp 096 other wise known as shy guy is shown a mirror would it attack its self constantly and endlessly to kill itself thus making it contain itself in it's own personal hell or well it bypass that and kill the person holding the mirror what do you think ?? (Ps great videos)

  5. Shows how much corruption there is in the world,sad but true,look at saudi man in turkey ,cut up,then denials all round from saudis,dont trust anyone but yourself

  6. Can't really put my finger on why? but i really like when i click like on videos of subscribed channels and turn a 9 into 0.This one was 500th like!WOOHOOOO 3:)

  7. That last one looks totally like some cop or fed p.o.s. that he videoed last b4 his death. I'm saying it corrupt cops/gov/ppl. Everyone gotta keep their skeletons in their closet and dnt want some one shoving a internet cam into it Haha

  8. Thank you for not posting Elisa Lam. Yes, while she has been done to death, what happened to her can never truly be known, and I've only seen her video once, and it was too much for me…

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