Mind Combo – Supernatural Learning+Photographic Memory – Subliminal

Mind Combo - Supernatural Learning+Photographic Memory - Subliminal

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✧・゚: *✧・゚:*…..

✧positive affirmations
✧Extremely detailed affirmations
✧permanent result
✧layered Infinite

♛supernatural learning
♛photographic memory
♛brain max capacity
♛absolute high IQ
♛master of omnilingualism
♛open third eye
♛super intuition
♛Mind perfection
♛absolute focus
♛advanced mind
♛supernatural beyond existence advanced intelligence
♛unlimited information
♛master of body language
♛creative genius
♛learn anything instantly
♛blockages removal
♛healthy brain
♛emotional healing
♛psychic abilities activation
♛super fast reading ability
♛ Effortless understanding
♛Accelerated Perception
♛Causality Perception
♛math genius
♛multi task master
♛proficient in everything
♛mind body soul absolute synchronicity
♛energy reading

listen as much as you want

headphones are optional

yes it works with 1 ear bud ( i bet you wanted to ask this 😉 )
only Positive affirmations
you can download in WAV or FLAC

you can listen even if English is not your native language

DOWNLOAD the silent version (no music )

If the link is not working that means many people are trying to download the file so try again later !
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12 thoughts on “Mind Combo – Supernatural Learning+Photographic Memory – Subliminal”

  1. does getting a high IQ with this sub cause side effects like losing sleep and getting an "obnoxious smart personality" like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory? I hope not. I dont want those things. I love to sleep.

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