London Street Photography – Avoiding the Obvious

London Street Photography - Avoiding the Obvious

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In this week’s vlog I head into central London and to some well know tourist locations for some street photography. Although I am in a very ‘touristy’ area of London I try to avoid some of the more obvious photo opportunities, instead trying to be a bit more abstract and creative with my street photography.

I hope that you enjoy the vlog!

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5 thoughts on “London Street Photography – Avoiding the Obvious”

  1. Nice one Gary. I think you have quite a good eye for street photography. I remember the first London vlog you posted several weeks ago and you were quite disappointed with image quality, noise, etc–even though I thought many of the compositions were excellent. It seems you've moved past that now and to me, it's not really that important in street photography compared to a panoramic landscape. Took a quick look at your website too. It looks quite nice. Next time you come to London, let me know and I'll buy you a coffee or a pint. Cheers, Jeff

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