Lake Trout on Underwater Camera!

Lake Trout on Underwater Camera!

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Big Lake Trout on the underwater camera all day, but getting them to bite was a whole different story. I sure felt like I was on a good spot, and I can’t wait to get back up there!!

~~Caribou Lodge~~

For information on ice fishing in Manitoba, please visit

~~Equipment Used~~
4000 Stradic HG
30lb Power Pro

40″ Lake Trout Precision TUC

Striker Ice Hard Water Suit

Otter X-over Pro Lodge

~~Tackle Used~~
1oz Tube Jigs

Humminbird Helix 7 G2N

Aqua VU HD10i




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39 thoughts on “Lake Trout on Underwater Camera!”

  1. You helped inspire me to start a channel and post my first vid. Waaay more respect for cinematography now. Keep up the great content!

  2. I’m avid laker guy I’ve had issues with trailer hooks. The Trout always seem to snag the jig hook on ice and pop off. Not always but I would say half the time so it was a double edge sword for me. No matter how short or long the trailer. Do you ever have similar issues with fish getting off at the hole when the main hook is swinging around?

  3. Great video! wonder if a big ol herring laying on the bottom on a dead stick would have got those big girls excited..

  4. You said in a previous video you were using a 1 oz tube weight, but we would like info on the tube itself. Looks bigger than 4", might be 6". Where would a person order up some of these? Thanks Clayton for the great videos.

  5. Clayton the man! I love watching fish on my camera. My next purchase will be an external recorder so I can get hd footage from the aqua vu to add to my YouTube vids.

  6. I'll make the double hole if I'm camping out in a spot for a while. I also started adding trailer hooks on my tube jigs, but I am tying them on like I would for articulated trout flies. Heavy thread, or old power pro, and lots of glue! Haven't had one pull out yet. Keep the great videos coming!

  7. great video clay, can't wait to get out that way later this winter. i couldn't help but notice your tubes aren't balanced to sit horizontal. sometimes when the fish are picky that can be the difference maker, just something to consider thinking about in the future.

  8. Thanks for the advice on the holes! I’m going sturgeon fishing through the ice next week and will be to put that info to good use!

  9. Nice vid and love the nap fish! I’ve been known to lay across the bench and let the wave action jig the rod while getting some “rest”. Caught my first laker ever using that method. I knew I couldn’t be the only one that has mastered that technique.

  10. Great video! What’s the proper way to put the tube jig in the plastic? We had issues with the jig eye ripping the plastic as we put ours together. Any tips?

  11. It's amazing how much you learn having the camera down there. It seemed like they were really turned off by any movement at all. Seems like that'd be tough to know by only having a sonar. Another great vid BTW!

  12. Can you please do a series on ice fishing for perch. Like give as many tips as possible? The walleye vids have been helpful for me

  13. Thanks for another great videi Clayton! My trip through Canada to the NW Angle of MN is next week. First time on lake of the woods. Super excited.

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