I Tested Google Camera On The Note 9, Here Are My Thoughts!

I Tested Google Camera On The Note 9, Here Are My Thoughts!

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Does the Google Camera software for the Note 9 improve photographs taken on Samsung’s flagship? After a lot of requests and suggestions from subscribers to test it out, I found the most up to date APK and installed it on my Note 9 (SD). Is it better than the stock camera app on the Note 9? How does it compare to pictures taken on the Pixel 3? Watch this vlog styled comparison video to find out and hear my thoughts!

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NOTE – Read through the forums first before attempting install to ensure you’re comfortable and familiar with everything. INSTALL AT YOUR OWN RISK.

XDA Thread for more information from developer (READ THROUGH IT FIRST):

LINK TO APK I USED (MGC_6.1.021_BSG_Arnova_TlnNeun_1.2_Final_Fix2_Exynos.apk):

Go into settings ‣
1. Advanced ‣ Base: Change Interface style to Pixel 3 & Front Camera to Pixel 3XL
2. Advanced ‣ Toggle Alternative Config ON (OREO only, leave it OFF if you’re running PIE)
3. Advanced ‣ FIX ‣ Change Viewfinder Format to “YUV_420_888”
4. Advanced ‣ Toggle Save to /DCIM/Camera ON
5. Advanced ‣ Toggle Enable “Google Photo” ON

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37 thoughts on “I Tested Google Camera On The Note 9, Here Are My Thoughts!”

  1. ✌️ I like it for selfies and moving objects (night sight kinda works?)! If you’ve tried it, what are your thoughts?
    It may or may not work for your device, unfortunately there's no perfect solution/ instructions at the moment.
    EDIT – to clarify, I am using a SD Note 9.

  2. Why would Samsung think that what they have is better? I have the note 9 and haven't been this displeased with pictures in a long time. Pictures are constantly soft and just don't look good at all really. I tried taking pictures of my niece moving around and she looks like a ghost from the blur

  3. o.m.g!! now you forced me to buy note 9!! the only drawback was the camera, which now got 4 stars instead of 3!!! thanks!!!

  4. Hi this is karl from Instagram Google pixel is a nice phone but I still like my note 9 till the note 10 comes out this year

  5. I have note 8 and i want to ask if anyone can help me i followed all ur steps and still i the picture which was so much white then i turned hdr+ off then it became normal and even night sight is not working fine

  6. In my note 9 cant work,
    Its to bright..
    I dont know…
    Im in indonesia..
    Cant work sorry …
    Just inform you…

  7. Note 9 with Snapdragon CPU have Sony camera sensors, but exynos version – sensors which made Samsung. Gcam works on exynos version very bad (maybe now you can find new version Gcam, which works on the exynos version better, than early versions). If you want use stable version Gcam on your note 9 Snapdragon version is good choose. But in Europe to find this version is very difficult.

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