Honor V20 vs One Plus 6T Camera Battle!

Honor V20 vs One Plus 6T Camera Battle!

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Here is the camera showdown you’ve been waiting for! It’s my Honor V20 va One Plus 6T Camera Battle! Which of these great phones will come out on top? Like, subscribe and stay tuned for more great content coming soon! #HonorV20 #OnePlus6T

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23 thoughts on “Honor V20 vs One Plus 6T Camera Battle!”

  1. Sir,how about the display quality,battery life,overall sound &also
    sound capture quality during shooting video by camera of Honor V20?Is
    their any darken light/portion in the below edge of the display of this?

  2. Yeah the one plus 6t has a great camera but still i prefer the v20 because it's an overall better package and more futuristic than the one plus. Loved your content.

  3. One thing to know from you, Which one produce more natural color or you can say accurate color as you were live there? In the video the color of the car (red) in v20 was it actually red which in 6t was pretty orange in color?

  4. Frankie do you think the Kirin 980 is specifically made for better camera optimisation. Every Kirin cpu tends to be better than snapdragon when it comes to camera.

  5. Honor v20 awesome in photography

    Taking about video op6t good stabilization but honor v20 better color contrast this is the point

    Day light photography its diffrent to judge any one because different people like different colours contrast

  6. The camera in honor v20 will be getting a major update soon. And then it is going to be a very grt camera phone. Or a complete package phone

  7. Honor v 20 images looking like as weare watching live things very sharpe camera than the one plus 6t i dont know why frankie says op6t camera looks better in day light .

  8. 0:55 sandwich hub…sandwich that will make you come…brilliant creativity for marketing… The guy that made that is surely a genius…

  9. Based on your sample shots, for the daytime photos, both phones seems similar in terms of image quality. The OP6T might look better, but not by that much. The V20 daytime shots are equally impressive as well IMO.

  10. Honor V20 win in the photo but Oneplus 6T slightly winner

    in the video. Front camera Ok for V20 and 6T 🙂

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