They sent me QUESTIONS?!? :: Photography Q&A

They sent me QUESTIONS?!? :: Photography Q&A

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While sorting mail for the last video, I recognized a trend of Q&A questions that people have been sending me via snail mail. So why not share them here!

Thanks to everyone who sent in questions. I hope I’m able to give you some photography advice that works for you.

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22 thoughts on “They sent me QUESTIONS?!? :: Photography Q&A”

  1. You know, I thought an American saying 'zebra' the English way didn't sound as weird to me as I would have imagined.

  2. Regret is a tough thing! But going through it cures into us a more refined learned wisdom we otherwise couldn't relate with. I think everyone has it, but whether or not you let it drag you down, is a totally other thing.

  3. I do feel that truly do only thing we control is right here and now, the present moment and therefor by hopefully;y making the right decisions we have a preferable future as a a result :).

  4. Thank you for taking the time to even acknowledge the letters. It means a lot to your fans! 🙂 One of these days I need to send some of my own work to you!

  5. Hey Ted, we're watching bro!
    Good advice about going for it and not letting fear get in your way. One of my favourite photographers, David Eustace, gave a TedX talk about this very thing. Its worth checking out
    If you make a trip to England, do you think we could persuade you to head north of the border to Scotland?

  6. You mentioned, in this video, that you haven't been to England in a few years. Why not continue the Artist Series? You were able to raise enough money to do, I think, six programs in the last Artist Series. Why not contact a few Photographers in Europe that you could interview? I for one would gladly contribute to your trip as would others. I know it is a lot of fun doing the interviews but a lot of long hard work editing afterwords. So think about it and let your subscribers know what you come up with. Enjoy life while you can. We love what you do for us your subscribers!

  7. The question of "photojournalism" is simple; It's moving online and independent. – You already have that some people act like new-reporters through platforms such as Periscope, which makes people aware quicker than when it needs a news-van to go there to broadcast for television. – Heck, even news-channels already use reporters who basically call in with their phones (including video). – So, there will be photojournalists who will just take matters into their own hands, because being affiliated with a big company isn't in their best interest (unless they have a big role there and they're already getting fat paychecks).
    If something that's big and common and the norm is shrinking like that, it usually means that the internet is causing it, in these years. – So… Move and adapt.

  8. Dear Ted,
    Another canny video:)
    If you do decide to come to the United Kingdom, could you give a couple of weeks advance notice, please? I would love to attend any meet up you intend to have/organise. Will bring a couple of film cameras with me:) And a quantity of film for the occasion:)

  9. Am I the only one still waiting for photo assignments? Lets get some up votes so Professor Forbes knows we the students are eager for growth and homework!

  10. There is a niche in photojournalism where there will always be a need for both agency related or freelance photographers. It’s being a war correspondent. Unfortunately, there is, and it seems that there will always be war at some places, sometimes.

    There was an article in the “Gulf News” this month, which related that more than 825 journalists have been murdered during such assignments since 1992.

    Hats off to those who overcame their fear to follow their dream, at whatever cost.

    Sure enough, we can manage not so drastic changes to make our dreams come true.

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