Kodak CFH-V10 HD Video Monitor Camera Review

Kodak CFH-V10 HD Video Monitor Camera Review

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The Kodak Video CFH-V10 is a great in-home camera that helps monitor while you’re away. With WiFi connection and 720p recording in light or dark situations, the V10 helps you keep track of what happens in your home.

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5 thoughts on “Kodak CFH-V10 HD Video Monitor Camera Review”

  1. Purchased 2 cams. I'm trying to figure out why I get color only part of the time. Picture quality very good. App is just ok. Color to black & white main issue.

  2. So is the price of this a secret ? how can you review a product you don't tell us where it is made, sorry but these are the things people like to know if this could be added in on future reviews ,thanks

  3. Looks like it could be a good replacement for a battery operated baby monitor. But can you network several into one account for multiple areas of a house (like one showing the front entrance and one showing the back entrance, or one on each floor)?

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