13 thoughts on “Happy (Cyprus Edition) – James Ground Videography”

  1. when you decide to make another in Nicosia, call us!! would love to be in your next series of videos!!! 🙂 lol! loved it!!

  2. Love this video, most of the scenes are from my town Paralimni (and touristic area Protaras) but also and some scenes from Ayia Napa. Mr Pharrell Williams thank you for promoting and advertising AyiaNapa-Paralimni and generally Famagusta District through social networks. 
    You have the RESPECT of a Cypriot!

  3. Great great video!!!! You should have also included some snaps of great places in the video such as protaras Magic Dancing Water Show , Ocean Aquarium, Nightlife of AyiaNapa and Protaras!!! Anws this is an honour video for hour places! A Big Bravo to the creators!!

  4. Couldn't have imagined it being any better! Absolutely awesome! Thanks for letting me be in it 🙂 well done James

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