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At this time of year Grey Sky Fatigue can be a real problem for landscape photographers with seemingly never ending overcast conditions. In this week’s vlog I head to the coast in search of a cure. I end up shooting some seascape landscape photography at a beautiful tiny little cove hidden away on the west coast of the Isle of Man. As you can expect the weather was pretty grey, flat and boring but I tend to find that seascapes still work surprising well in these conditions and they even excel to some extent. So if you find yourself low on motivation due to the never ending overcast conditions…head to the coast!

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#seascape #isleofman #cloudy

Shot 1 – f13, 1 second, ISO64, 105mm, Circular Polariser 3:45

Shot 2 – f13, 1 second, ISO64, 28mm, Circular Polariser, 2 Stop hard edge grad ND 6:44

Shot 3 – f13, 1 second, ISO64, 22mm, Circular Polariser, 2 Stop hard edge grad ND 8:53

Nikon D850
Nikon 18-35mm f3.5-4.5G
Tamron 24-70mm f2.8 G2
Nikon 70-200 f4
Lee Circular Polariser
Lee 2 stop hard edge graduated filter
Mefoto Globetrotter Tripod
Canon 200d (vlog footage)
Canon 18-55mm STM lens (vlog footage)
Takstar SGC-598 Shotgun Microphone (vlog footage)


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Music – courtesy of YouTube Audio Library – Sea Space & Pixelated Autumn Leaves


25 thoughts on “BEAT GREY SKY FATIGUE WITH SEASCAPES | Landscape Photography”

  1. I see you have mastered "Shooting The Grey" James and got some really nice results. I liked your long lens shots, they turned out quite nice.

  2. Ever take macro lens to the shore — for those great detail and texture close-ups, like the algae on rocks you mentioned?

  3. Great video James. Love the long lens shot, I’m a huge fan of the 70-200 for landscape/seascape.

    Something seems to have changed since the turn of the year, your presentation is a lot more confident and the videos are getting much better.

  4. Forgive me if you’ve allready covered this but I struggle with compositions by just looking around. I end up taking pics and then looking at what looks good (which ends up being a bunch of pics that are useless) What do you do to help you “see” what will look good?

  5. Hi James, not lucky enough to be close enough to do too many seascapes I agree, grey skies work well. I loved both your landscape shots, worked well in colour and mono. Good video mate

  6. Hi Janes. Second composition in colour was best  in my opinion. Other two good also. Looking forward to the next foray. Great stuff!! Rgds, JA.

  7. Great video James, The telephoto shot worked really well but I must admit I liked the shot at about 07:03, the colours in the rocks worked really well. I have to agree about taking those shots you're not completely comfortable with, the ones that you really don't know if they're going to work or not. I think that, if they work, or if they don't, you learn something either either way

  8. All lovely images, my favourite is the view to the right at 6.59 in colour. I love the swirly water in these shots.

  9. Very different part of the world for me. I always imagine norsemen invaders approaching in the long ships. It's much too cold for me!

  10. Cheers for this James! Drawn back to land/seascape lately but too much grey flat weather here in Southern Ireland also but you've given me hope with this vlog and the tip with the circular polariser as well as trying B&W!! great photos and thanks again!

  11. Hi James, I love the black and white image. I think it really suits the location. If you get the chance, could you show us how to work some black and white images. With all the grey skies, it might give me some ideas and well needed inspiration. Love the rocks on the beach there. Something I would have overlooked myself. Thanks very much once more. :-))

  12. Great video James, that looked a really good spot, you captured some lovely images which I think are all great shots. Cheers Cliff

  13. Pretty much the entire video i was trying to work out where you were. At first I thought it was Glen Maye, but didn't see the bridge at the start of the video. Then I though it could be White Strand but you've been there before. In the end I had to admit defeat and click the link. I couldn't have got any closer could I? 😀
    I thought this location would be flat light and bland scenery, but this video has shown me otherwise. You really caught some cracking images where I would have walked away. I need to take more time to actually SEE what can be taken away from a location.

  14. Great video James, you really did well in shooting to the conditions nature gave you. Love the shots mate, 9:01 nailed it, well done. Cheers!

  15. Nice video, James. I liked the first landscape photo first because of the composition and the colours going on in the bottom left quarter. If that had better light it would be stunning but still very good for the conditions.

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