Zion Fall 2018: (Day 8) Analog Landscape Photography in Zion

Zion Fall 2018: (Day 8) Analog Landscape Photography in Zion

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11 thoughts on “Zion Fall 2018: (Day 8) Analog Landscape Photography in Zion”

  1. I often pickup and haul out trash I see along the trails. The sad part is I get many people looking at me like I'm doing something crazy.

  2. Zion is a zoo of people. It is way too crowded and this is the result. Thanks for all the good you do. You are not just a photographer. You are way more than that and I thank you for it.

  3. So disappointing to see such a beautiful place being disrespected and agree with your comment Ben that how are the next generation to learn when parents don't install that respect in their early years.

  4. We must always strive to leave people and places better than when we found them. Beautiful and heartwarming video Ben.

  5. Dang; it's horrible to see all of that trash. I see it everywhere I go anymore; guess I should start taking a trash bag too!

  6. Damn I wanted to be the first person to comment. Shame I just woke up. That being said awesome video Ben, thanks for sharing.

  7. I wonder if you found Alan Brock's hat…lol…
    Seriously though kudos to you for being not just a great photography but a better human being. Where can I get that hat you're wearing?

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