The World’s Most Powerful Macro Photography – Explained

The World's Most Powerful Macro Photography - Explained

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This week we went to the Forest Entomology Lab at the University of Florida to take a peak into the world of EXTREME MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY! And while these researchers are taking the macro shots of these insects to the extreme, this technique is actually something that anyone can try for less than 50 dollars. While we may show a beginner setup in the future, this was a really fun setup to talk about and showcase. I hope you enjoy seeing this technique. I know we had fun working with them to show it!

Remember, we do these each week as an outreach to help other filmmakers and photographers learn these techniques. They’re usually a side project to our main films.

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18 thoughts on “The World’s Most Powerful Macro Photography – Explained”

  1. You should educate yourself on how to take pictures of living bugs instead of teaching the world how to kill them just to take a pic. You are 100% inaccurate in what you teach and leading allot of newbies astray.

  2. A colleague at work today mentioned using a somewhat similar technique to examine seed impressions in pottery. Might be interesting to try out sometime!

  3. This is an amazing technique to know about. I also loved the way you edited it together, kept it snappy and fun, and got your biologists to be really relaxed and natural in front of the camera. Just WOW all the way around.

  4. Amazing to see such details of so miniatures. Can we get good insect photographs with DSLR with basic kit lens like 18-55,70-300 ?

  5. I took a load of stacked photos of my maggots for my thesis but photoshop didn't like it. I'll have to try out that software!

  6. Newins-Ziegler! I had many a class in there for forestry and wildlife ecology. I'm having flashbacks of 100+ degree days deep in a cypress dome dodging water moccasins while walking off plant survey transects. Good times!

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