Street photographers v random guy, community protection and police

Street photographers v random guy, community protection and police

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We went out repeatedly shoving our cameras right into peoples faces against their will, breached their human rights and deserved a good kicking as usual. We deserved a night in the cells for this but once again we swerved the law 🙂 They’ll get us in the end no doubt. Vent spleen in the comment box below, you know you can’t help yourselves.

35 thoughts on “Street photographers v random guy, community protection and police”

  1. At the end of the day, cops are nothing more than obedient dogs that do as they are told. It really is that simple. Dogs don't have the capacity to question if a command is moral or immoral, they just obey.

  2. We have thousands of cctv cameras on the streets of this country, we are the most watched country in the world, we can film in public anytime we like

  3. Should ask those idiots what colour socks they're wearing then tell them you don't like that colour and you'd like them to take them off

  4. He took exception to you recording him so turn your camera around, well fine I take exception to you badgering me so fuck off and leave me alone. You don't leave me alone so I'm not moving the camera.

  5. coppers in UK are some of the biggest pussies I have ever seen. they hire dregs and flotsam,then claim to train it.

  6. Chinese copper, I wonder how many British people are coppers in China, I would guess none, I loved the way he took out his little book and put it away again without your name in it, well done.

  7. Any moron who approaches a camera & says that he/she doesn't want to be on camera needs to be sterilized to prevent them from breading… the world doesn't need anymore morons or children from morons….

  8. If the street bum takes offense from being on camera, he must be constantly offended. There are cameras on every block in Great Britain.

  9. If you wore a jacket with City Council CCTV written on it, I wonder if the PCSO would've still asked you to stop filming people.

  10. He doesn't want to be filmed so can you turn your cameras off
    Ok are you going to ask the council to switch off their cctv as well
    Fucking thick cunt

  11. copper 'wat i'm sayin is eez taken a fence of bean photographed'
    reply 'I take offence of being told to move my camera from a public area i'm filming by a twat in a yellow jacket'
    lets call it even

  12. Well done guys for your continued efforts, this needs expanding out across other areas. This will continue the excellent foundations you and other have laid. Anyone up for the same in Manchester?

  13. As a retired police officer I am amazed at the total ignorance of the PCSO's (P owerless, C lueless, S tupid O bjects). I also object to the underhanded attempt by that force to make them look like real officers by giving them chequered hatbands. My understanding is they should have a continuous blue band. Special constables have more powers because they are fully warranted police officers.

  14. Take yer hairlip back the station
    Asian that states "people have the right not to be filmed"….well fuck off and turn off all the cctv cameras you fuckin moron.

  15. Another useless plastic copper, waste of tax payers money. Meanwhile someone not far away is being a victim of crime.

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