Raspberry Pi Surveillance Monitor

Raspberry Pi Surveillance Monitor

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How to use a Raspberry Pi as a Surveillance Monitor. This setup features a 3.5″ display as part of the Raspberry Pi case. I’m using it to display one camera on UniFi Video.

Canna Kit Raspberry Pi 3:
Kuman 3.5″ LCD Display + case:

Getting Started w/Raspberry Pi 3:

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27 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi Surveillance Monitor”

  1. Just a couple of things. There's a protective layer of covering that needs to be pulled off each piece. The case is clear. Second is, when mounting the pi, put the screws through the base and then lay the box over the screws. Flip the whole assembly over while sitting on the box. The screws will be sticking up at this point. Continue assembling by putting the spacers, the pi, and finally the nuts to secure it together. This will prevent the screw and nut from protruding out of the bottom when sitting on the table top.

  2. Nice Video, thank you! What do you use as surveillance server? Is it a must to use f.e. a own NAS? Is there a (local! no cloud-!) solution to run it with 5 IP Cams on a "raspberry PI surveillance server" to? I am thinking about f.e. MotionEyeOS…? Thank you very much!

  3. Dumb question from a seasoned newbie. Had mine for months and used it as a computer for internet. Can this be used for both by switching over and not rebooting it?

  4. Chris, i have the standard 3.5 inch screen without the dongle connect, could you do either a video for this, or send me a link to download drivers for this? I have 2 XPT2046 modules and can't get either to work. Any help would be awesome. Thanx. Forgot, i have the RaspPi mobel 3B board with Raspian Jessie installed. Board works, but want to be mobile.

  5. Chris – very interesting project. Ordered the same screen to experiment with. Thanks for the videos you do an excellent job. Good video and audio is loud and clear as well.

  6. Battery bloat would be an issue with using a tablet that has built in non removable battery that is plugged in 24/7 being at risk for fire

  7. Perhaps try doing a VLC (or your media player of choice) Onboot Command to open the RTMP Steam of the camera (with fullscreen option). No login required, no browser required, resulting in a more secure and reliable method.

  8. I'm sorry I have questions? Your unified video server is that a separate hardware? You mention gopro camera, how does that work?

  9. How can we use the pi to start automatically with a certain site? A company made a narrow-cast site for our school, we have a TV in the hallway and a Pi 3 B+. During the night I want to shut down the system and when it fires up, it should start displaying the site without pointers, borders etc.?

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