Product Photography – Made Simple using Godox LED Mini Lighting Studio.

Product Photography - Made Simple using Godox LED Mini Lighting Studio.

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In this video, Pixel Viilage is demonstrating a convenient way to shoot Products using Godox LED Mini Lighting Studio. Perfect for Product Photographers working on e-commerce product photography.

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20 thoughts on “Product Photography – Made Simple using Godox LED Mini Lighting Studio.”

  1. all you need for product photography is 2 scrims, 2-3 lights of any kind, and optional backgrounds. that's it. This is great for beginners, but you'll quickly find it becomes too limiting and ends up in your unused gear closet, which is where mine has been for 7 years.

  2. The cookie jar looked grayish olive green, outside of the tent, in the video. But in the photo you took, it looked dark gray – almost black! It's like the tent was way overexposed, but the cookie jar only had a specular highlight down the side, with nothing lighting it. And $100 is crazy for that. You can get other brand tents for $30 and use your own lights or with lights for $50. PRODUCT FAIL!!!

  3. Hello Sir, Thank you for your youtube videos. All are really beneficial to clear minute details. Regarding this tent, I used this tent for one product photoshoot of Locks. However it was real hard as the locks surface was reflective and even the camera was seen of lock surface. I had to shoot on same parallel plain to have proper front view. later I used some A4 pages and kept only lens open but I really had tough time. Please guide what to do in such cases.

  4. Wow Sir…. During CEIF, I spoke to you about Product photography and you were so courteous to not just give me useful tips but this Video too. Hehe…Geee…. Thank you!! Where can I buy this product?


  6. Radha sir can u please make a video about how to set up godox V series flashes like V860II with nikon DSLRs by using X1 or XPro unit so that We can use it off the camera..Please please sir make a video & give all the details including flash photography settings.. @PIXEL VIILAGE

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