Photopass – Disney College Program

Photopass - Disney College Program

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Smile! PhotoPass photographer Joey shares his role experiences, from training with the camera equipment to interacting with guests around the parks.

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20 thoughts on “Photopass – Disney College Program”

  1. I want to apply for the photo pass photographer I take good pictures but not an expert. And it’s not my major. Do you need vast experience?

  2. how did you get that role? Are you allowed to ask for it? I'm looking into the college program and I'm majoring in film and media with a minor in photography, so will that help my chances in getting that role?

  3. I was recently accepted as a Photopass photographer and I feel SO blessed! Photography is my passion and I love to see the joy on peoples faces and know that there are memories associated with each image…it's so rewarding. I'm so excited to start for Spring 2013 πŸ˜€

  4. i so hope i can do this when im old enough (im only 14) this is one of the only jobs i want to do but unsure if i will get in as i live in Scotland!. looks like a lot of fun though, thanks for posting

  5. Does WDW have and colleges in Kentucky? My daughter would love to work there and wants to be a cook!! A Walt Disney World Chef!!

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