PHOTOGRAPHY IS SPOOKY! 1st Amendment Audit Michigan Police

PHOTOGRAPHY IS SPOOKY! 1st Amendment Audit Michigan Police

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Photography is Spooky! 1st Amendment Audit Michigan Police. Lenawee County Sheriff in Adrian, Michigan.



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22 thoughts on “PHOTOGRAPHY IS SPOOKY! 1st Amendment Audit Michigan Police”

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  2. I live in the upper penninsula of Michigan…i feel as if it would be harder to do here but i may just try! Im going in prepared tho. Any advice?

  3. Question; why do you record and take random pics of random stuff in public though? Don't mean this in an offensive way or anything, just curious bud 😛

  4. Undersheriff was very professional. …Have to give credit where credit is due.

  5. I live in lenawee county and I can say they have always been very respectful and professional in every encounter I've ever had with them even the bad encounters of my poor choices that I have made they always stayed respectful and professional great job lenawee county sheriff department

  6. The first police "Lady" walking up them stairs got her knickers weld tight! NICE! shes such a big woman 😀 Rofl 4:00 her pants are even tighter in the front…. DANG!!
    Some Serious Police Resource right there!!!!

  7. I was just watching some of your videos in Adrian it cool to see how our community is doing thanks for sharing looking forward to more
    New subscriber as well

  8. I before you showed yourself I thought maybe you was wearing a white sheet dressed up like a ghost the way they were all spooked at the courthouse so I guess it was just the camera

  9. I know they were probably Faking It so that they would look good! It's funny how he stayed by your side the whole time to keep an eye on you. But all in all not bad I guess. you did a wonderful job them I'm not too sure

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