Photography – How To make a Portfolio

Photography - How To make a Portfolio

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I know I have talked about this way of presenting your work before but wanted to update it with a recent book I produced myself. A few months ago I photographed Matisyahu in Philadelphia and captured some amazing images that I wanted to share in a physical form. In the past I had created 50 page books which gave me a nice selection of photos but now I had so many good images that I wanted in one book. It turns out the AdoramaPix now offers a 72 page book in the 12×9 size that I like using.

I find this to be a great way to show someone your book of work, even better than the Ipad. Sure I would still load my images onto the Ipad for when you don’t have the books with you but nothing will make as much as an impact as a printed hard back book.

Take a look at the video below to see the book that was created.

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  1. Dude that was the girliest fart I've ever heard from a hairy man fish. LOVE that you feel comfertable enough in our relationship to just let em go and just keep talking like it never happeneda

  2. After watching this i decided to do a book of graffiti in London for a university portfolio interview and i must say i think it worked as the two interviewers was impressed with it, I'm still waiting to see if i was successful but this maybe the sway point in my favour.

  3. I'm so glad I heard you talking about these adoramapix photo books. I was looking for places to print customers wedding books and knowing that you approve is all I need to know to make my decision in using this company. Why? Because, Fro Knows Photo 😉

  4. What is the name of the program that you used to upload your pics to Adorama Pix to create your book? Thanks in advance!

  5. One of the best concerts I have been to was Matisyahu and the Flobots in Providence. I just went on a whim and I had the most awesome time. The energy in that place was phenomenal.

  6. thank you jared! This is the type of item ive been looking for to give to my clients for ages! 😀 I love your videos and watch them every day to help improve my photography work 😀 As a young photographer like yourself its always nice to see someone young but knows what they are talking about! Cheers dude! regards Peter From UK  

  7. Hey Jared! How much do you recommend charging clients for these photo books? It took me roughly 8 hours just to fill a 14 page book, but maybe that's just because it was my first time.

    Also, if you're clients asked you where you get your photo book from so they can do it themselves, how do you convince them to do it through you instead of doing it themselves?

  8. maybe this is just me, but i've found portfolios to be a hit or miss. this is excellent advice, as i usually try to make mine accessible for everyone – pros and others. still, beauty is to the eye of the beholder. these are great tips, though. thanks!! i've been following you for nearly a year, and you've helped me in my own career, many many times. this information is invaluable.

  9. i have couple of books but from other companies you just make me thing to make one with my best portraits! with adorama!

  10. Jared I saw this vid a while back after looking for a decent photo book. I live in Japan where finding anything is just a pain in ass but finding something of quality is sometimes dam near impossible! I just recieved my new Adorama photo book and it is amazing! Thank you!!!

  11. How to make a portfolio when you have no clients yet. 😛 That's what I don't understand. How do I show my clients anything if I haven't had any clients yet….
    I've taken pictures of my kids. By the 3rd shot would-be clients will say, these kids look…..familiar?

  12. Hi Jared, look at you website and I wanted to say your photo's a wonderful / Inspiring to a learning photographer as my self

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