Nature Photography with Sony FE 100-400mm GM

Nature Photography with Sony FE 100-400mm GM

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The Lens:

Nature Photography – Telezoom challenge | Sony FE 100-400mm GM
Today I go out to take photos in the forest but i choose to only bring one lens with me to challenge
myself to see things differently, so i took my Sony FE 100-400mm G Master lens on my Sony a7riii,
It wasn’t easy but the results were interesting.

My Vlogging Mic ( Global )

My Vlogging Tripod ( Global )

My Tripod (Global )

My Backpack ( Global )

Lume Cube Photo/Video Light ( Global )



See what equipment I have in my bag, Watch this video “What’s In My Camera Bag? | Landscape Photography | Sony Gear ( 2018 ) ”


My Gear list and links:

Sony a7Riii :
Sony a7iii :
Sony 24-70GM :
Sony 100-400GM :
Samyang 14mm :
Røde Rodelink Wireless mic :
Sony 28mm f/2 :
Induro Carbon :
ThinkTank Limo :

24 thoughts on “Nature Photography with Sony FE 100-400mm GM”

  1. Thanks for sharing…another quality production with your beautiful approach to portraying another day in the life of any photographer looking for the shot, light and mood.,   I love your quality outlook….  and your accent is to die for….thank you, sir.

  2. Good spots, great presentation and excellent photos! But the review somehow makes me more curious about the lens you shoot for video rather than photos with 100400 lens. It was just personal wish to see more great photos with it. Thanks for the great review anyway.

  3. Beautifully filmed & paced video – love the speed ramp when you’re walking through the forest – great images too!

  4. What a waste of time – over eight minutes and, what five images?  It seems they were shown for a only second or two. Author needs to scout his locations then get to it on the vid!

  5. Love the video. Glad I found your page. Hard to find Sony users out in nature on youtube. Keep up the good work. What's your favorite lens for your a7rIII?

  6. Beautiful video my friend! Inspiring indeed. With lovely captures you’ve taken. I want myself the 100-400. I’ll get saving. I also want to start creating YouTube content too. But I keep thinking too much. Peace&Love.

  7. hi bro, please review the sony a7 III
    portraits, eye autofocus near and far with subject moving etc..
    I'm thinking about selling my nikon d750 and switch to sony because nikon is being so shit atm if they don't go mirorless they'll be done.

  8. This is good stuff. I’ve gone out with one lens before, usually a 50mm, just to push myself to be creative with composition . After seeing this, I’m inspired to try to go out with a long zoom to see what I can make with it. Thank you.

  9. Saw the comment down below here about you capturing the soul of the forest. And it's SO true! The vibe in this video gave me goosebumps.

  10. Helping you and any small channels that need it. I smashed the red button, please hit me back!

  11. Amazing:-) very nice video and great pictures!!! Have to think more about location before guessing! This was a hard one hehe!!

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