Michigan Cops Lose It Over Silent Photography!

Michigan Cops Lose It Over Silent Photography!

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Warren Police. Photographer on Public Sidewalk. 1st Amendment Audit! Michigan Cops Lose It Over Silent Photography! Detroit Arsenal.

Detroit Arsenal formerly Detroit Arsenal Tank Plant was the first manufacturing plant ever built for the mass production of tanks in the United States.

It now serves as an active Army facility with many agencies present.

Warren Police Department
Warren, MI



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39 thoughts on “Michigan Cops Lose It Over Silent Photography!”

  1. Do you have a license to be out here doing journalism? hahahah that cop should be fired on that statement alone. Yes my license is called the bill of rights.

  2. So did you take any action on this? Did anything happen? Because if not all these three pigs learned is they CAN get away with assaulting the public and violating their civil rights. Did you file complaints or talk to an attorney, they clearly violated your rights and these pigs committed a number of crimes.

  3. "You're perfectly within your rights to be out here record."

    "You're hanging around OUTSIDE a secure facility."

    Soooo, what the fuck is the problem? Why are you resting your hands on your guns? Wtf.

  4. the cop is a complete lier saying a city ordinance says he must ID just because they was called out. and they say the suspect you of a crime and they dont know what crime, what a bunch of idiots. get a lawyer and sue for harassment, illegal detainment, glad you remained silent. also cop lied again about federal law you can't record certain federal buildings from a public place lol where do they get these guys? how many does it take to harrass a guy with a camera

  5. It looked pretty intense with the silent treatment, especially with the female cop, but you did a great job with that. I wish that police, security, etc. will stop making up laws about the citizen’s right (the 1st Amendment right) to film public areas (Someone please tell me if I’m saying this right). If it’s a private place, then they should have put up notices and signs.

  6. New sub. Warren cops are the most corrupt in the state of Michigan ! Crime and drugs are horrible there yet they would rather harass you then do some real work. Cops are do nothing useless assholes , I wish they would understand that their masters that give them orders will not be there for them when things fall apart and they need help. They will need the people they have been abusing some day and NO one is going to help them because of all the abuse we have taken from them.

  7. WTF a license to be out here in public… what kind of license are you looking for… the kind to walk in public. You can't make this stuff up. So are you supposed to have a license for that camera and to walk on a public sidewalks? is that what he was referring to? is there some agency that monitors sidewalks and cameras that I am unaware of? Did the Constitution of the United States disappear?

  8. What the fuck America when are the cops going to learn , isn't there enough of these videos on line for some one to realise that the training that these cops are receiving is all wrong ,or are they just dumb?

  9. I hope u reported these bullies! They had no right doing wat they did! Cops think just cuz they have a badge n a gun they are our boss bullshit all they are is bullies with badges!

  10. One more stupid police station writing checks for violating peoples rights and being so stupid that they do not even know their own job!

  11. Those are static displays for the public to view.  He is on the sidewalk on the public side of the fence.  Whoever called police from the Arsenal should be reprimanded by their chain-of-command (Garrison Commander) and the PAO.

  12. OMG these LEOs are so stooopid. In-bred MFs. Baby nazis and tyrants. Take them to court. Great audit. Pigs earning the hate.

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