Macro-Photography Lens and Kit (w/ Phil Torres)

Macro-Photography Lens and Kit (w/ Phil Torres)

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Today I’m testing out a new macro lens setup via a conversation I had with Phil Torres. He gave me some ideas, and then I got the kit, and flew to Panama to test it out in the rainforest.

Here is a list of macro equipment I discussed int he video in order of appearance.

Canon 50mm:
GoPro Hack:
Canon 65mm:
Macro Flash from Phil:
Canon 100mm L:
Yongnuo Flash Kit:
Litratorch cubes:
Canon 1DX MII:
Speedlight transmiter:
Speedlight Flash:
Flexible light stand:

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Special thanks to the Smithsonian for letting me come down to Barro Colorado Island.

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19 thoughts on “Macro-Photography Lens and Kit (w/ Phil Torres)”

  1. Hello! Fantastic video and work. Curious to know about your gear. What brand and model are the lights attached to the flex arms (see 4:06 in the video)? Thanks in advance!

  2. Great tips and tricks!! Wow, when you do a shoot you really go all out 😉 That's quite a hop to shoot this!!

  3. I liked the fact you made it sound like you went to the camera store and then straight to Panama, you should work that comedy value up a little! 😉 Great tips there, did you not want the softbox for the flash? Was there any notable differences with aperture sizes / focusing range when working with moving subjects like the ants?

  4. I love the video, macro phototgraphy is very interesting and see behind scene of cool photo like national geographic or similar is fantastic 🙂

  5. Panama!! One of the most beautiful and underappreciated countries in the world. Thanks for the great content man! Keep it up!

  6. The part of amaze between the camera store and the rain forest,
    you really capture a great quality of video. ✌ form INDIA.

  7. I might have to get a macro lens mainly to use for product or detail shots. Can't wait to see the images on your Instagram.

  8. Love your videos. Macro photography and videography are so cool. I wish my current gear was more attuned to it. Also inspirational images by Phil.

  9. Man, I've be out of it for the last few months… glad to see you guys are back making videos. Have to catch up now. Keep up the good work, as always. And thank you for the inspiration.

  10. Hey, Rob & Jonas,
    I really enjoy watching your informative videos. But there is an important topic that got never adressed and I would really appreciate if there was a video giving some advice on this.
    I'm a biologist and I love to film and take pictures of my study subjects (ants). Now I got asked a few times by companies/channels whether they can use my videos or license them, and I'm never sure how to handle it! How do you do it? Do handle it completely on your own, bargaining for a bit money? How much should one ask for? Or do you sell them on special sites? I have no intention to become a professional filmmaker, but I guess even as a hobbiest I'm reluctant to give away everything for free. Best, Phil

  11. Hey guys I got into a really good film uni. I start next year and I'd love to wirk with you both when I have to do my intern assessment so if I could get in contact some how. That would be amazing.
    (Instagram: @mossy_photography
    Facebook: @Amos Voltz)

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