Ko 2 Tamil Full Movie

Ko 2 Tamil Full Movie

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Ko 2 is an Indian Tamil political thriller written and directed by Sarath.

Directed by Sarath
Produced by Elred Kumar &Jayaraman

Written by Bakkiam Sankar (dialogues) & Raja Ram (dialogues)
Story & Screenplay by Sarath

Cast :

Bobby Simha
Prakash Raj
Nikki Galrani
Bala Saravanan

Music by Leon James
Cinematography Philip R. Sundar, Venkat M.
Edited by Kevin
Production company : R. S. Infotainment

38 thoughts on “Ko 2 Tamil Full Movie”

  1. Climax last ending scene….semmmaa

    பாஸ் செம்மய சண்ட் பன்றீங்க…..பட் டேன்ஷ் தாம் கொஞ்சம் சொதப்புரீங்க……

    Simha g…fact fact….but vera level la nadikinha…semmaa future iruku …unhalku

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