Isle of Skye Landscape Photography

Isle of Skye Landscape Photography

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In this video we go to the Quiraing, and also Talisker Bay for some moody seascapes. I also talk about how I broke my Nikon z6 by dropping it underwater.

Check out the amazing and talented Chris Vogeli here:

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19 thoughts on “Isle of Skye Landscape Photography”

  1. Great video sucks about the camera but you dropped BVS Canon in the water and it survived but then Nikon didn't guess that says a lot about Canon's build.

  2. So sad about the camera man but thank god for the warranty! Stunning shots as always and I've also subbed Chris on here too 🙂

  3. Sad to hear that about your camera man… 
    The black and white pictures from both of you are amazing!

  4. Hi Mike, loving your Scotland series, shame too about the camera, could you tell me the name of the very atmospheric music during the drone flight.

  5. Bummer about the camera. We are probably going up to Sedona today. Probably end up with similar light though it's looking partly cloudy down in the valley.

  6. Great video and your drone
    videos were amazing – how lucky you are to have a beautiful model with you -should never have a problem with a foreground subject! Love your channel! Sorry about your camera – but it reminds me to have a back-up with me!

  7. Chalk up that camera accident to the punch drunk honeymoon phase of your relationship with Chris. Your mind is not fully focused on the craft. LOL. Nice!!!

  8. I know your pain well…Also, between the drone and the d850 for b roll, no one's gonna notice the difference in the vlogging parts, and even if they do, Scotland is too beautiful for it to matter. Still a great episode!

  9. Real shame about the camera, karma from Canon for trying to drown a EOS R? Amazing shots from all the spots! Chris's shots from Talisker were stunning.

  10. Hi guys. Sorry to hear about your camera accident. Will that be a warranty or an insurance claim? All the same its just one of those things that happen. However some good material despite bad weather. Cheers, JA.

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