How I Started Working with ROB LIPSETT! (My Videography Story)

How I Started Working with ROB LIPSETT! (My Videography Story)

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This is my story about how I dropped out of college to make videos with Rob Lipsett and began my videography career!


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20 thoughts on “How I Started Working with ROB LIPSETT! (My Videography Story)”

  1. Fucking love this man. I’m so stoked for the rest of the vlogs. Your video style and personality are going to smash it on YouTube! Best of luck!

  2. You’re a staple to the videography industry maxing the shit out of your camera, where as most people would just keep jumping from brand to brand for the new features.
    But in all seriousness 1DX

  3. Great story! You and your art have grown so much. Like Joss Whedon once said "Art isn't your pet – it's your kid. It grows up and talks back to you." 😉

  4. ahaha! What a beastin story man, this blew my mind. Well done this is zero luck ma dude, all you're own hard work and graft.

  5. This is a lesson to anyone out there that if you’re passionate about something you can do something about it, you can change your life and you can move forward about it. Yeah Ben! I’m so happy for you buddy. Keep them coming.

  6. this video was really good, it felt like I was there having a chat with you guys while looking at this through my laptop on the other side of the world

  7. I remember that day outside on the Google roof when you were talking about getting the Sony. Fucking onwards and upwards sir!

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