Home Photography Studio! 60sqf/5.5sqm

Home Photography Studio! 60sqf/5.5sqm

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In this short video, Jeff Rojas shows how he was able to build a professional photo studio in just 60sq feet of space.

Need a Light Meter? –
Background Stands –
Background Cross Bar –
Background –
Light Stand –
Boom Arm –

Photos by Jeff Rojas

25 thoughts on “Home Photography Studio! 60sqf/5.5sqm”

  1. Subscribed today. This is awesome and inspirational to those of us who don't have (or can't afford) room. Not to mention your one light setups.

  2. I have a similar setup here in Finland. We have a (GULP) 7-month winter, and shooting in Arctic weather is no fav to many!

  3. I was looking for autopole stands for my backgrounds .. but from this informative video I saw that what it seems like an autopole with legs that will transform it to a regular and portable background stands .. if this is the case may I know where to find it .. it’s gonna be super helpful for my needs .. thanks

  4. Great vid Jeff ! Really looking forward to seeing a strobe lighting setup in this space, My space is comparable and I dont have window light.

  5. Very clever idea, i have also my sleepingroom turnt in tho my first photostudio. It is 4,50m Long, 2,60m wide and 2,25m high. You can shoot Portraits very easy and it has two Windows, behinh the backround and on the right side. You dont have to start perfectly.

  6. Hi Jeff. This is so timely for me as well! My roommate will move out soon, and I have the opportunity to use his old room as a studio. Roughly 10×12. I've never had a studio before, and I'm more of a natural light photographer so far. The thing is, I can't currently afford to pay for that room (doubling the rent). So my question to you here or perhaps for a future video is, What is the best way to share a small studio with another photographer? I'm thinking splitting the rent with a dedicated photographer. Others have told me rent per hour for any photographer, but I'm not sure. Thoughts?

  7. Nice… I wanna convert my spare room into a studio/ guest room. I have so much gear EXCEPT the C-Stand. Thanks for some direction/ inspo

  8. I love you, you got the hight I don't have that I have only 7.5 from floor to ceiling and it a close 7.5 because it's a old garage it has a slop I guess they were thinking it was going to snow in California 1927 when it was builded. So my problem is if I have a tall guy I have to always shoot then sitting down. Unless you know another way I would sure like to know. And as you are wearing my Brother Muhammad Ali shirt ! Tell me a fix please. Your last three video have been on point for me.

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