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Sharp and Foxconn have designed the worlds first affordable 8K camera!

* Disclaimer: Everything in this video is not official and is subject to change. Wait for NAB 2019 for official specs.

We are here at CES 2019 and would love to answer any questions you have about this Sharp 8K camera so leave a question in the comment section below!

20 thoughts on “FIRST 8K AFFORDABLE CAMERA!!! CES 2019”

  1. Clearly going after Blackmagic. However, cinema cameras are not designed for YouTubers. So, they'll most likely not give this camera any praise. Stills camera is more of what's up their alley. The bigger, the better. That's typically their barometer of what's good. That's why they all love expensive full-frame stills camera and then use it for video and go on the argument that full-frame is better in low light so they all keep shooting video in the dark.

  2. But the files of an 8k camera would be soooo massive it’s still unpractical for anything other than pro use so the affordable aspect of it seems irrelevantly if it’s really 8k and shooting a vlog in 8k seems like way more trouble than it’ll ever be worth

  3. This is meaningless. No tech demo, no specs, and a dubious premise for a product (4k is barely necessary unless you are viewing on a massive display).

    I hope this guy knows that this camera more than likely will never release.

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