Best Camera Settings While Shooting Wedding Videos

Best Camera Settings While Shooting Wedding Videos

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34 thoughts on “Best Camera Settings While Shooting Wedding Videos”

  1. Hi, love your video. One question. Can we put our dslr camera on cinematic look like going low on contrast n saturation and later put luts on it. Situation for weddings in night time. Indoor.

  2. so confused. Why would you bring your shutter speed to 1/30th for smoother glide cam? Doesn't it go: The higher the shutter speed the smoother the image?

  3. hi pls can you tel me wich lenses i should to buy for sony a7sii for wedding shooting but not with high budget pls and thank you for your answer .

  4. Someone should give you an award for replying to the most sought-after questions of videographers. You covered the entire spectrum. I have 18-55 kit and 35 prime. I will be buying a new 70-300. That I hope that completes the picture. Thanks

  5. Hey, how do you go about hiring/paying second and third shooters? Do you already have flat fees set or it’s depending on the work they do? What’s a good start rate if so?
    Thanks in advance!

  6. hi ,what is the best dslr for wedding video and photo . am looking at eos 5d iv but am not realy sure though.please help.

  7. Doing my first wedding next weekend and your channel was really really helpful. Really appreciate your effort and I'm really excited to get there and shoot my first one. Greeting from Brazil. All the best

  8. Hi, dont have much money and looking to start recording in 4k. Right now i am between the panasonic g85 and the sony a6500. I like the sonys video quality a bit more, but that overheating has me me thinking how reliable it would be, specially on a ceremony. What would you recommend?

  9. Always great videos man, really appreciate them. Do you record the entire ceremony? Like, what would be the final product you hand over to your client?

  10. Hi, I'm just starting to learn videography using DSLR. If I have to boost the ISO to get enough light with f5,6,how should I handle the noise? I'm using Canon 60D. Yet it's not a FF camera. Thanks in advance for your suggestions..

  11. Based on your desire of getting f5.6 and above would you say to spend more on a camera that can handle light then a faster lense?

  12. This is really good stuff. I've waffled back and forth about doing wedding videos for a while now, your advice helps me lean towards doing again. Thanks!

  13. Great video, sat through the whole thing! Only thing I would say is if the DJ doesn't have an output on their mixer to check the back of their speaker – often times they have an XLR or 1/4in out and a lot of them don't even realize it. Also, you can grab a light stand and attach a Tascam DR-05 and place it in front of the speaker accordingly

  14. Awesome video like always! Was very into the section on which lenses you use at different times. I've got a wedding shoot coming up and was wondering how you work specifically with a second shooter and who gets what? Great work Craig

  15. keep doing it Kraig. great stuff :))
    how you film/shoot candid moments naturally? when preparation for example. I know for most people this is an obvious thing, but i wanna know what your tips and opinions on how you doing this. 

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