Aperture & Depth of Field made EASY – Photography Course Pt 5

Aperture & Depth of Field made EASY - Photography Course Pt 5

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At last! Aperture, f/numbers and depth of field explained in a way that makes sense! We look at understanding ‘Av mode’ / ‘A mode’ on your camera, some common issues and problems, how to get the best blurry background for portrait photos and a deep depth of field for landscapes, finishing with practical session #2.

Previously $480, this popular photography course by award-winning Australian Geographic photographer Chris Bray’s is now online! Parts 1-5 are FREE and Parts 6-10 only $5 each. Don’t forget to watch the other videos in this series and buy the photography course handbook and summary clip cards at www.ChrisBrayPhotography.com

37 thoughts on “Aperture & Depth of Field made EASY – Photography Course Pt 5”

  1. This is the first time that "f" numbers made sense to me. Thank you for making it so clear and easy to understand! I'm subscribing so I can learn everything you have to teach! THANK YOU!

  2. Hi Chris:
    Thanks for the brief explanation of the "big f # = big depth of field." It's more practical than most I've seen, and that's what most of us want. The math(s) is(are) out there for people who want to go looking, but this is concise.

  3. That's great u explained in very simpler way
    Easy to understand and execute have seen lot of tutorials but was still confused but u r video clarified all doubts hope u make more hacks on these
    Hats off to you

  4. How depth of field affected by changing the focal length of lens & by changing the distance from object to lens..Can u please tell me this?

  5. ok. Now i have a problem, thanks to your ridiculous method for teaching something that is clearly very complicated. That problem is, what F stop do i need to fit around peoples heads so i can close it down to a tiny little F stop to STOP them from confusing people so much! is there an F stop large enough?!! Ugh! Thank you for simplifying this! I am slightly embarrassed to admit that your explanation has never occurred to me, but I am thrilled you made this video! THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  6. Thanks for your great video. This is the best explanation of Aperture & Depth of Field I've seen. Keep up the good work!!!

  7. It's possible that the whole concept has been lost over time. I'll ask……what does that funny little "curly-cue" f mean? Why is it there? …..What it says is that the number following the "f" is an abbreviation!!!! Why is it an abbreviation?….. It is because there is not enough room on a lens for the entire number…… F16 ideally should read f1/16….and f2 should read f1/2…… That's why f 1/16 is a smaller number than F2 (or f1/2) and the smaller the number the more depth of field.

    I am not discounting your way of teaching but just passing along info from The Brooks Institute.

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