Another Day of Photography in Paradise

Another Day of Photography in Paradise

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23 thoughts on “Another Day of Photography in Paradise”

  1. How warm is your car? Do you have any issues taking your camera in and out in the cold weather? Oh and I thought there was going to be at least one more video from Hawaii 🙁

  2. Thanks a lot Steve! I love your owls, bison and landscapes etc. I am living in Germany, but spent last year four beautiful weeks on the Murie Ranch. Watching your YouTube videos is like coming "home ". I am always waiting for the next one!

  3. Really nice images. I agree with pat keen on the first moose image. I think that your blowing snow images show promise of a great image later. In many of your shots, I would like to see some more luminosity contrast. For example, your snow images should have at least one white point. I would suggest that only a few of the brightest blowing crystals should be pure white. Ansel Adams would want you to also have a nearly-black point. With color, I usually reduce the saturation somewhat if I stretch the luminosity like that.
    For your snow images, you need to find stronger compositions. Sorry, but that might mean more snow blowing in your face while you set up. I do think that the image at 9:23 is getting there.
    These are just suggestions; I find your images inspirational.

  4. Cool stuff as usual. I’m just starting like Thomas K and I am confused and fascinated by the choices of settings. Knowledge and experience are not instantaneous. Keep warm.

  5. Steve, I'm tripping out on the windswept snow, LOL! It looks real nice from my rocking chair with a hot cup of tea, thanks! You've outdone yourself!!!

  6. The pic at 9:32 snow picture is nice because it makes sense I understand it.  The other snow pictures I need more of the scene just me to make sense.  The tree and Moose pics are spot on for sure.  I Always enjoy your videos.

  7. Great video Steve! The moose shots were very nice. Good work with the snow – as a Canuck, I know it's hard to make snow look good, even when you're looking at it for five months of the year.

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